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Everything You Need to Know About the Too Hot to Handle Reunion

It hasn’t been long since ‘Too Hot to Handle’ premiered, the dating show that made hot singles afraid of commitment find a connection without sex for a grand prize of $100,000.

It’s officially been a year since filming finished so there’s a lot to catch up on.  

What can we expect?

The show will be called Extra Hot: The Reunion and will bring back all your faves including fan favorite couples, Harry and Francesca and Rhonda and Sharron. Since everyone has to quarantine right now, the reunion will be held over video calls.

It will of course be hosted by show narrator and comedian, Desiree Burch. The A. I. host of the show, Lana, is also set to make an appearance on the show. All your favorite couples and ex-couples will return.

In the preview of the show released by Netflix, it looks like Harry is proposing to Francesca – with a pop ring.

Francesca and Harry are the leading couple from the show. Will Francesca accept? Are your other favorites still together?

Find out by watching Extra Hot: The Reunion now streaming on Netflix.


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