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Donnie Wahlberg: Two Truths & A Lie Game

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Donnie Wahlberg Two Truths and a Lie Game

Have you been playing Two Truths & A Lie Game: Donnie Wahlberg Edition with us on Twitter? If not, follow along with us on Twitter to see when the next round comes out. We will post the answers here!

Game #1 –

  1. He is the youngest of 9 siblings
  2. He plays Danny Reagan on Blue Bloods
  3. His dog’s name is Lumpy

Answer: #1 is the lie. Donnie is actually the second youngest. His brother, Mark Wahlberg is the youngest of 9 siblings.

Game #2 –

  1. His wife Jenny likes when he wears a mustache
  2. His driver once unsuccessfully tried to get out of a ticket by saying Donnie was in the backseat
  3. He does not like watching Forensic Files

Answer: #3 is the lie. Donnie said he loves watching Forensic Files. Watch the interview video with Stephen Colbert below to see the answer.

Keep following along with us on NKOTB on Feeling the Vibe Twitter to play the next Donnie Wahlberg Two Truths & A Lie Game!


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