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Yankees Celebrate ALDS Victory with Wives & Girlfriends – Photos Inside!

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The Yankees Team Celebrates ALDS Victory at Restaurant 2019

The New York Yankees have done it again! These guys are on their way to the ALCS (American League Championship Series)!

Last night, the Bronx Bombers clinched the victory in a third game against the Minnesota Twins. When closer, Chapman’s last out was a called strikeout, the team went wild!

In typical baseball fashion, the victory meant lots of celebration including pouring champagne and beer on their manager, Aaron Boone. He was a great sport about it, letting the guys douse him in it all.

According to, even with his eyes stinging from the alcohol, he said, “The way we played tonight was championship-caliber baseball,” referring to the third ALDS game.

After all the clubhouse postgame interviews and festivities, the celebration wasn’t over. They all headed out with their plus-ones for a little celebration on the town.

Amber Sabathia, wife to veteran pitcher CC Sabathia shared photos from the night. 16 of the guys’ plus-ones jumped into the photo including Samantha (Aaaron Judge’s gf), Nancy (Luis Cessa’s gf) and Katie Jo (James Paxton’s wife).

Yankees Wives & Girlfriends Celebrating ALDS Victory | Instagram: AmberSabathia

We have to say the guys clean up quite nicely! Check out the postgame photo of the Yankees team including outfielders Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and second baseman Gleyber Torres at a local restaurant in Minnesota.

The Yankees Team Celebrates ALDS Victory at restaurant in Minnesota
The Yankees Celebrate ALDS Victory | IG: AmberSabathia

We love how these ladies support their guys and how close they are to each other! Below is a cute selfie of CC Sabathia’s wife Amber and Luis Severino’s wife Rosmaly from the night.

Amber Sabathia and Rosmaly Frechel, Luis Severino's wife celebrating 2019 ALDS Victory.
Samantha, Aaron Judge's girlfriend celebrating ALDS victory 2019 photo
Samantha (Aaron Judge’s gf) celebrates ALDS win | IG: AmberSabathia

This isn’t the first time these ladies have been hanging out this baseball postseason. In a photo posted a few days ago from Amber Sabathia’s account, it shows these gorgeous ladies in their custom Yankees jackets.

Yankees wives and girlfriends in their ALDS Jackets
The Yankees Wives and Girlfriends in their ALDS Jackets | IG: AmberSabathia

Can’t wait to see what the rest of their journey will look like! The Yankees will be ALCS bound at the end of the week.


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