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35 Fun Facts You Should Know About Aaron Judge

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If you’re a baseball fan, you’ve probably seen or heard of Aaron Judge. He’s one of the most popular professional baseball players right now – and he’s got the records to prove it. For more facts about this stellar athlete, keep reading below!

1. Yes, his last name really is Judge. His full name? Aaron James Judge.

2. He’s 25 years old, his birthday is April 26, 1992.

3. He was born in Linden, California.

4. He’s currently playing the right field for the New York Yankees. He made his debut in 2016.

5. At 6’7 and 282 pounds, he’s physically one of the largest players in the major leagues.

6. He both bats and throws right handed.

7. He was actually adopted the day after his birth. He has an older brother, John, who was also adopted.

8. In high school, he also played football and basketball in addition to baseball.

9. While in school, he maintained a 3.2 GPA and was on the student council for 2 years. He also participated in tons of different community service opportunities.

10. He was actually recruited by a ton of colleges to play football, but he preferred baseball.

11. In college, he played baseball for the Fresno State Bulldogs.

12. His jersey number is 99.

13. He’s a Christian and has spoken out about his faith on his social media account. He even has a Bible verse as his Twitter header! “For we walk by faith, not by sight” 2 Cor 5:7

14. He appeared on an episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where he posed as undercover to ask Yankees fans questions about himself. Check out the funny video below!

15. He had a contract with Under Armor from 2014-2018.

16. He currently has endorsements with Pepsi and Adidas.

17. He’s appeared on the covers of the magazine Sports Illustrated and the videogame MLB The Show 18.

19. He’s hit 33 home runs in Yankee Stadium, breaking the previous record held by famous baseball player Babe Ruth, in 1921.

20. He was selected as 2017’s Rookie of the Year and placed 2nd in The Most Valuable Player (MVP).

21. He’s super close with his family. He loves taking his mom to games or out on the town with him.

22. He has a “bubble gum ritual” where he chews two pieces of gum during the game. If he gets a hit, he keeps it; if he doesn’t, he gets rid of it. Watch Aaron explain it below!

23. He’s a fan of J.Cole’s music. He attended an NYC show in November 2017.

24. He attended the 2015 wedding of one of his teammates, Rob Refsynder. Check out the fun black & white photo of him and his teammates!

25. He has an adorable dog. Check out this fun photo below!

Aaron Judge's dog
Photo Credit: IG @ TheJudge44

26. He likes spending time in or by the pool.

27. He’s also interested in cars, golf and fishing.

28. He enjoys arcade games.

29. He apparently has his own set of bleacher seats! Fans can sit in “The Judge’s Chambers” – a three row set of seats made to look like a faux courtroom. Fans are chosen at random and can wear wigs and judicial robes, as well as use foam gavels. How fun is that?

30. His mother, Patty works in the school system. Aaron dedicated his first Instagram to her when he went “back to school” for a visit.

31. His father Wayne and adopted brother John are also both teachers.

32. He always felt very close to his adoptive parents.

33. He credits his mom for most of his success, saying that she molded him into who he is today.

34. Despite being on a New York team, he was originally intimidated by the big city. He said it was “a bit too busy, too hectic.” Good thing he adjusted!

35. He’s seen the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall.

Hopefully you enjoyed these fun facts about MLB player Aaron Judge! Be sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with his life!