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What Do John Stamos and Michael Jackson Have in Common?

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During the tour of his house for Architecture Digest, John and Caitlin reminisce over a number of different Disney souvenirs and pieces they picked up over the years. One of the biggest ones though? Well, it was so big it had to be kept outdoors.

John Stamos and Caitlin with Disneyland sign in backyard
Source: Architectural Digest

You can imagine what only the biggest Disneyland fan would have. It’s not a picture of Epcot, or a giant Mickey statue, those would be pretty cool, but this is even bigger.

John’s wife Caitlin shared that her love of Disney began because, “my father worked for Disney when I was very very young and it’s always held a very special place in my heart.”

Their love of Disney is what brought the two together and lead to their first date.

This was the first thing I bought, Ebay had just started. One of the first things they were auctioning off was the Disneyland sign.

Disneyland Sign in John Stamos backyard
Source: Architectural Digest

Big names were bidding on the coveted Disneyland sign, including Michael Jackson. “I put in the first bid, not thinking I was going to win this thing and then I called my business manager and said I think I’m going to win this big sign.”

Big is right! Each letter is 14 feet tall by 9 feet wide and it lights up at night!

This isn’t the only special gift in John’s house. He was also given another gift by a big named star.


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