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‘Who’s the Boss’ Reboot with Alyssa Milano & Tony Danza – Everything to Know So Far

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In the streaming age, reboots are very popular right now. From Punky Brewster to Saved by the Bell, making sequels to classic shows takes the nostalgic to a modern level. That’s definitely the case with the latest installment via Amazon’s Freevee streaming service, which will be rebooting the hit sitcom Who’s the Boss.

Originally airing from 1984-1992, the series focused on Tony Micelli (Tony Danza), a former MLB player who became a housekeeper for ad exec Angela Bower (Judith Light). Rounding out the cast were Alyssa Milano as Tony’s daughter Samantha, Danny Pintauro as Angela’s son Jonathan, and Katherine Helmond as Angela’s mother, Mona.

Below, get details on the reboot, including plot, cast, and more.

What is the reboot of Who’s the Boss about?

This new series will focus on Alyssa Milano’s character Samantha, who is now a single mom. She still lives in the same house she grew up in, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, her now retired father, Tony, lives with her.

Since the original series subverted expectations of traditional gender norms, there’s the implication that this reboot will do the same. It will also be interesting to see how or if the show gets a modern update to align with today’s tech-inclined society.

After all, the original began in the mid 80s, and ended in the early 90s, when technology was only somewhat brewing. Now, it’s a dominant force, especially with adolescents. Perhaps Samantha’s child or children can bring that element to life in the sequel. 

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Another question fans may ask is: What happened to Samantha’s husband? If you are familiar with the original series, then you’ll know that in the final season, she gets married to Hank Thomopoulous (Curnal Achilles Aulisio) after a short engagement.

There’s no announcement as to whether or not he will make an appearance on the reboot. Main cast members Judith Light and Danny Pintauro have not been confirmed to reappear either. Although in recent years, Danny has gotten out of the Hollywood spotlight, so it’s uncertain if doing this reboot would interest him. 

It would definitely be fun for fans to see Tony and Angela reunite, especially ones that were rooting for a definitive happy ending for the duo. While they acknowledged their feelings for each other after many years, Angela and Tony did not wed. Regardless, fans will probably hope to hear an update on Tony’s relationships; if Judith Light does not return, then an update on Angela could be useful too. Is she also retired? Or, what’s her relationship status? Where does she stand with Tony? How’s her relationship with her son? All of these questions could be answered in this new version. 

More Details on Who’s the Boss reboot

No trailer or premiere date has been set for the reboot yet. Since one of the selling points is that it takes place 30 years after the original series, it’s assumed that 2022 will be used as a time reference. Whether or not production will actually begin in the second half of 2022 is unknown.

The rest of the principal cast would need to be announced before multiple episodes can be filmed. If the other cast members were announced before summer’s end, then perhaps production could get underway this fall. That could potentially put them on track for a 2023 premiere. But, nothing’s set in stone, and things change fast in the world of TV. 

Alyssa Milano did post the news about the reboot to her Instagram, writing: “‘Who’s the Boss’ Sequel Lands at Amazon’s Freevee. Read more at link in bio.”

Tony Danza captioned his post with: “Excited about this! #whostheboss.” See it now.

It’s also worth noting that original series producer Norman Lear is back at the helm for this reboot. Lear and production partner Brent Miller will executive produce; Milano and Danza will be EPs in addition to reprising their starring roles.

If you haven’t watched the original Who’s the Boss, or simply want to refresh your memory, Freevee has the first two seasons available to stream. Free streaming service Tubi has the rights to six seasons, THR noted, but the full show isn’t available in one place to watch. 

Be sure you’re following Alyssa and Tony on Instagram for more updates on the Who’s the Boss reboot. 


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