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Who is Lana Gomez? 5 Fun Facts About Sebastian Maniscalco’s Wife

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Lana Gomez and Sebastian Maniscalco

Meet Lana Gomez. Her name started making the rounds online when she married comedian Sebastian Maniscalco. Who is the woman behind the man?

Keep reading below to get to know Lana a little better with these 5 fun facts.

1. She is an Artist

Lana Gomez Maniscalco, the artist.

Lana is an accomplished artist! According to her official website, her art pieces are featured everywhere from the legendary Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills to outdoor venues, office buildings, and private residences. Her work has also been featured in trend-setting publications such as House Beautiful, InStyle, Lonny, Los Angeles Confidential and The New Yorker.

Lana recently completed another masterpiece seen below in abstract art form. She captioned it as “doing some fun new pieces!”

Lana Gomez, Sebastian Maniscalco's wife, art piece from November 2019.

2. She Got Married in 2013

Sebastian Maniscalco and wife Lana Gomez wedidng photo

At 30 years old, Gomez married famed comedian, Sebastian Maniscalco in August of 2013. On August 29th, Lana posted the above photo to Instagram saying, “My husband and I! I do! @sebastiancomedy

Lana Gomez and her husband, Sebastian recently celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary in Central Park in New York City.

Sebastian Maniscalco and Lana Gomez celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary in New York City.

3. Lana Met Sebastian at the Gym

How did Sebastian Maniscalco meet his wife Lana?

How did Sebastian meet the woman he eventually married? A little bit of matchmaking plus fate. In an interview with The Fighter and The Kid, Sebastian admits that he and his wife shared a personal trainer. He asked him if he trains any good looking girls. Sebastian went all out for his first introduction to Lana, revealing he showered, gelled his hair and applied baby oil in preparation for meeting his future wife.

Watch Sebastian talk about it below:

4. Sebastian & Lana Have 2 Kids

The pair welcomed two children! They have a daughter, Serafina Simone “Cellie Rose” who was born in May 2017 and a son, Caruso Jack born in June 2019.

And look how much they have grown now! The below photo was taken in December 2022.

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5. Lana Celebrates National Sibling Day

Lana Gomez and her brother

Lana has at least one older brother named Ron who is pictured above. She shared this photo on her Instagram page saying, “We got a pic just in the nick of time! Celebrating national siblings day with my big bro @rodweiss We miss you guys!

6. Who Are Lana Gomez’s Parents?

You may have seen Lana, Sebastian, his sister and Lana’s parents compete on ABC’s “Celebrity Family Feud” hosted by Steve Harvey in 2020. Commenting on their game show experience, Lana said “We literally had the time of our lives.”

Here is Lana’s mother, Simone but “Monie” as they call her holding her granddaughter Seraphina.

Lana Gomez’s mother, Monie with granddaughter Seraphina | @lanagomez

7. The Age Difference Between Sebastian Maniscalco and His Wife

Sebastian and his wife, Lana Gomez have been happily married since 2013. She was 30 years old when she walked down the aisle. Lana turned 39 years old on April 23, 2022. Sebastian turned 49 years old on July 8th. Lana and Sebastian are an even 10 years apart – which honestly isn’t that much in Hollywood!

Sebastian Maniscalco and wife Lana Gomez age difference



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