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Sebastian Maniscalco – 7 Fun Facts About His Kids Inside

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Sebastian Maniscalco kids

Sebastian Maniscalco is famous for his stand-up comedy, but there’s more to him than just being a stage presence. He’s also a husband and father. He married Lana Gomez in 2013, and over the years, their family has grown to include 2 children. Oftentimes, their children are the featured stars on the couple’s social media pages, which allow fans to watch them grow up too. Seven fun facts about their kids are below, including names, favorite activities, and more.

7 Fun Facts About Sebastian Maniscalco’s Children

1) Stand-up comedian Sebastian Maniscalco welcomed his first child with wife, artist Lana Gomez in 2017. Their baby girl’s name is Serafina Simone, and the name has significance to the family. “We are so excited to introduce the newest member of our family- Serafina Simone Maniscalco! Serafina was my grandmother’s name, Simone is Lana’s mom, and Serafina Simone is our baby girl,” Sebastian wrote on Instagram.

2) Apparently, in her spare time, Serafina is also a hairdresser. Sebastian shared a throwback video of the fun moment. But, that’s not all his daughter revealed. When asked about what she does that makes her happy, she said she takes naps!

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3) In 2019, Sebastian and Lana welcomed another child, a baby boy. Their son’s full name is Caruso Jack Maniscalco, and yes, it carries significance like his older sister’s. Caruso came from the hotel name where the couple honeymooned, and when they discovered it means “boy” in Sicilian, that sealed the deal, Sebastian told PEOPLE. The middle name Jack was to honor Lana’s late father, Barry Jack Gomez.

4) Caruso is quite the character too. Recently, he made an appearance on his dad’s Instagram as a construction worker. “Our new contractor is hard at work,” Sebastian captioned the reel of Caruso. Check it out below:

5) This year was Caruso’s first year of school! Lana posted about the momentous occasion on Instagram, writing: “FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL and more! 🍎 📚 We are back to school for Serafina, and it’s the first year for Caruso!!! Don’t grow up too fast!!! 💖💖💖”

6) Both Caruso and Serafina have joined their dad on stage. Lana’s come too, of course! It’s a family affair when Sebastian’s on his comedy tour.

7) When Serafina turned 4 years old in 2021, she had a pony at her party! The birthday girl wore a pretty tutu, glittery jewels and rainbow hair extensions.

To keep up with their kids, as well as other aspects of their lives, be sure you’re following Sebastian Maniscalco and Lana Gomez on Instagram.


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