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Who are Olivia Holt’s Parents and Family?

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Olivia Holt family

Olivia Holt is one of the leads in Freeform’s newest hit series, Cruel Summer. She portrays Kate Wallis, the teenage girl that goes missing one summer. While the relationship between Kate and her mom is rocky, that’s not the case when it comes to Olivia’s real-life family. Find out more about her parents, and family, including any siblings, below.

Meet Olivia Holt’s Parents & Family

Olivia Holt’s parents are her father, Mark, and her mother, Kim. Kim is 47 years old, and was born on July 2. Her dad, Mark is 52, and is in the band Six Feet Thunder. Both have social media accounts: follow Kim @kimpetersonholt; Mark @markstarrholt.

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Olivia and her whole family moved out to Los Angeles in 2011. They previously lived in Mississippi; Olivia was born in Tennessee. Get this: Olivia is not the only one of her siblings in the entertainment industry! Olivia has two siblings, an older sister named Morgan, and a younger brother named Cade. Her sister, Morgan Toll, is the other actress in the family.

Morgan is 30, making her 7 years older than Olivia is at 23. Morgan studied screenwriting, and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Columbia College Hollywood. According to her LinkedIn, she also attended the New York Film Academy for video production. Currently, Morgan’s freelancing as a screenwriter and acting coach.

Olivia’s younger brother, Cade, is 19 years old. Like his mom Kim, Cade was also born in July (July 16, 2001, to be specific). Olivia is always posting photos with him, whether they be throwbacks or birthday ones. TVOverMind reported that when he was younger, he was in a serious accident, and it was “the worst moment” in Olivia’s life. Fortunately, he recovered, and the incident brought Cade and Olivia closer together. Now, Cade is living in Mississippi with his girlfriend, Brailey. You can follow Cade on Instagram @cadeholt24 to see more of his day-to-day life.

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Be sure you’re following Olivia on Instagram too, so that way you can see when she posts more family photos. You can catch Olivia as Kate Wallis on the Freeform series Cruel Summer, airing Tuesdays at 10 PM ET.


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