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Where is Paris Roxanne from ‘Catfish’ Now?

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Paris Roxanne Catfish

Paris Roxanne was featured on MTV’s Catfish after a huge celebrity catfishing scheme brought national media attention. She was essentially a pawn in this major plan, which also involved basketball star Chris “Birdman” Andersen. If you want to know what happened with Paris Roxanne, and where she is now, keep reading below.

What happened on Catfish with Paris Roxanne?

Paris Roxanne struck up an online relationship with Chris Andersen beginning in fall 2011. The two shared hundreds of messages and eventually exchanged photos too. Paris agreed to meet Chris in Denver (he played for the Denver Nuggets at the time) at the urging of Tom Taylor, who claimed to be Andersen’s best friend. They spent a weekend together, but things began to unravel shortly after when each were bombarded with odd messages.

First, Paris received a message from who she thought was Taylor, angry at her for deciding to meet up with another pro basketball star. This person claiming to be Taylor said that Andersen would post the photos Paris sent to him online, which worried her. This led her to tell her mom what transpired. Then, it was Chris who received a message from someone who claimed to be Paris’ mom, wondering about the photos and their time in Denver. Obviously he was confused, and his attorney handled the email exchange.

After a lengthy investigation, it was discovered that both Chris and Paris’ online correspondences were coming from different IP addresses. Now, here’s a twist: the addresses originated in Canada! Apparently Shelly Chartier was the one behind it all – impersonating both Paris and Chris. The two thought they were talking to each other, but in reality, they weren’t.

It wasn’t the first time Shelly impersonated celebrities either. From models to reality stars, she’d done it a handful of other times too out of loneliness, according to ABC.

Where is Paris Roxanne now?

Nowadays, Paris is in a relationship with singer Don McLean. She first made the relationship Instagram official in 2018, writing: ” happy birthday my baby, my beauty, love of my life, my everything. ❤️”

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The two appear to be going strong still, as evidenced in this 2021 post by Paris congratulating Don on his Walk of Fame star.

In addition to posting about her relationship, Paris posts about her modeling career, style and travels around the country.

To keep up with her, follow her @parisdylan550. You can watch episodes of Catfish on MTV and on Hulu.


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