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Update on Colleen and Tony from Catfish

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Colleen and Tony Catfish

One couple that intrigued fans of MTV’s Catfish from the get go were Colleen and Tony. The duo met online on Plenty of Fish, and were featured in season 6 of the hit show. Nev Schulman and Max Joseph helped Colleen get to the bottom of who Tony was, but it turned out they’d both been keeping secrets from each other. So, did they end up together after all? Find out below with our recap and update!

What happened on Catfish for Colleen and Tony?

In season 6, episode 11, Nev and Max met with Colleen and Tony. The May 2017 episode description read: “Colleen met Tony online and fell in love. Despite never meeting, Tony proposed over the phone and Colleen accepted. Nev and Max help her face reality to reveal the man she’s engaged to.”

Yes, you read that right: they were already at the proposal stage in their relationship. So, the now engaged couple finally met up with Catfish cameras rolling and things got interesting. See, there were quite a few lies told about their relationship, including Colleen lying to the hosts about how long they’d been together – she said 3 years, it was more like 3 months.

But, Colleen wasn’t the only one fudging the truth. Tony hadn’t been using real photos of himself during he and Colleen’s conversations, and had been going by his middle name (his first name’s Jeremy). Tony had been the one to tell Nev and Max that Colleen lied about her age too – but that was false. She confronted him about it when they met, and he apologized.

Colleen seemed receptive and she noted they did have a lot in common. She really wanted to forgive him and asked him to promise not to lie to her anymore. Tony (aka: Jeremy) got down on one knee and asked if they could move forward. And he proposed again! Colleen accepted, and they were one of the only Catfish couples to have a happy ending.

Where are Tony and Colleen from Catfish now?

Tony and Colleen are still going strong! When the duo updated Nev and Max from the show, they were living together.

That’s not all: in December 2017, Colleen gave birth to a baby boy. She posted about she and Tony’s relationship leading up to the birth of their son on Instagram, writing: “Me and toni.” Their first born son was named after his father of course, just spelled differently.

“Happiness,” Colleen captioned this photo, featuring she and her baby boy grinning for the camera.

Colleen and Tony are very happy together, and he’s been the best dad from the looks of her Instagram posts.

Looks like one happy family, and we’re sure fans have enjoyed getting to see their journey unfold. To keep up with them, follow Colleen on Instagram @colleenfinefrock.


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