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Tony Looks For Tiana Who He Met on Facebook on Catfish Season 8 Episode 24

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Catfish Season 8 Poster

Yes! There is another Internet love that we get to play detective on tonight. Join us!

Catfish is airing a brand new episode tonight titled Tony and Tiana. Doesn’t it have a nice ring to it? We have definitely seen Catfish’s COVID edition episodes for season 8 but this one is a regular episode that takes place in person mostly with the occassion Skype or FaceTime session.

Last week Kamie and Nev followed the potential love story of Jake, the TikTok star who was longing for his online love named Taylor. This week, Tony and Tiana are up!

“Why is that girl in the photos not willing to FaceTime?” host, Kamie Crawford asks about Tiana. The red flags are being raised in tonight’s episode which may mean Tony does not get his happily ever after.

Watch as Nev and Kamie try to uncover this mystery and to find out who Tiana really is. Check out a preview clip below.

Tune into Catfish on MTV Wednesday at 8pm EST.


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