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Where are Paris and Tara from ‘Catfish’ Now?

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Paris from 'Catfish'

MTV’s hit show Catfish is all about investigating – getting to the truth behind the lies some people will tell in love. In a rerun episode airing tonight, fans will see Paris and Tara’s journey play out. The two women were featured on a 2016 episode of the series and we have an update for you as to where they are now. Keep reading below to find out more.

An Update on Paris and Tara from Catfish

Paris and Tara were a duo featured on MTV’s Catfish in season 5 episode 11. The two women were chatting online but had never met in person. While Paris was more than open to the idea of seeing her, Tara dodged attempts at Skype. Enter: Nev and Max to get down to the bottom of this mystery.

Paris proclaimed it was love at first sight. She and a girl from Chicago named Tara began talking online and instantly clicked. But, after Tara ghosted her, Paris did some digging of her own and found out that the images she was being sent of “Tara” weren’t actually of Tara! Add in Mary, who is Paris’ ex into the mix, and things only got crazier when it came time for the big reveal.

Turned out Mary was the one behind the catfish scheme, and she wanted revenge on Paris after their relationship fallout. Get this: Mary had a wife who was in on the plan too! Despite the confrontation, Paris and “Tara” (Mary) hugged it out, and the two women seemed to be on decent terms.

As for where they are now? Paris admitted to Nev and Mex in the Catfish update that she and “Tara” (Mary) haven’t talked since the encounter. They seem to both be doing their own thing since the show ended, but beyond that, they don’t appear to have much of a social media presence. Perhaps living life more privately works for the two of them now since being on MTV.

Episodes of MTV’s Catfish can be viewed on MTV and on Hulu. The rerun of Paris and Tara’s story airs on Tuesday September 6 at 7 PM ET on MTV.


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