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‘Catfish’ Tackles a Decade Long Online Romance

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Stephanie from MTV's Catfish 2020

Catfish: The TV Show‘ is all new tonight as they tackle a decade long romance.

Stephanie met a guy named Danny online in 2010 when she contacted him about possibly using him as a photographer. Stephanie was modeling quite a bit back then and that’s how the two connected.

However, since Stephanie was under 18 at the time, Danny denied taking her photos. But the two stayed in contact. According to Stephanie, they haven’t gone more than a few months without talking in the 10 years they’ve known each other.

But one thing shocked Catfish hosts, Nev and Kamie – they never ever video chatted nor talked on the phone!

Stephanie is ready to move forward with her life and see who Danny really is. Can she handle the truth?

Catch a sneak peek of Catfish on Instagram. See below.

Tune into ‘Catfish’ tonight, Wednesday September 9th at 8pm EST on MTV.