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Tyler’s Ex-Girlfriend Shailee Checks into ‘Paradise Hotel’ Tonight on FOX

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Tyler Berta and ex girlfriend Shailee from Paradise Hotel

‘Paradise Hotel’ has a brand new guest checking in on an all new episode tonight on FOX.

One of the contestants, Tyler Berta is the only one who already knows the girl entering paradise. That’s because she is his ex-girlfriend. When Shailee joined host, Kristin Cavallari at the end of last week’s episode unbeknownst to the rest of the cast, she spilled a secret about Tyler no one else knew.

Tyler and Rosanna on Paradise Hotel

When Kristin asked when the last time she saw her ex-boyfriend, the answer surprised us. “He spent the night at my house the day before he left to be on this show,” she said.

Tyler and Rosanna have been the strongest “power” couple on “Paradise Hotel” thus far, but things might get shaken up when Shailee enters!

Even though Tyler is from Illinois, it appears that Shailee is living in St. Petersburg, Florida according to Instagram.

She even makes a few appearances on Tyler’s official Instagram from 2018. In the photo below, the couple was ” ?? of the ? with you,” according to Tyler. They were hanging out at The Signature Room at the 95th in Chicago.

Tyler Berta and ex-girlfriend Shailee

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That wasn’t the only time Shailee made an appearance. He also posted this photo from April 2018 with the caption, “Breakin’ every one of my rules with this girl so what’s one more.”

These two looked pretty close! So are they really over and where will that leave his new partner Rosanna? It’s no wonder Shailee’s entrance in this sneak peek from tonight’s episode has Tyler looking pretty shocked.

Tune into Paradise Hotel on FOX tonight at 8pm EST.


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