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Siesta Key’s Camilla Cattaneo Launches Loungewear Line — See Clothes Inside!

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Camilla Cattaneo truly solidified herself as the breakout star of MTV’s Siesta Key season 4. From heartbreak to healing, she had a multi-faceted story that a lot of people could relate to. Now, the reality star is adding another item to her resume: clothing designer. She joins co-stars Juliette Porter and Kelsey Owens in launching clothing lines, although Camilla’s is loungewear-based as opposed to swimsuits. Get more details on her new brand called Babes Haven below, including the company’s message of confidence and self-love.

Camilla Cattaneo’s Loungewear Brand: Details on Babes Haven

Camilla Cattaneo really shined this season on Siesta Key. Her renewed confidence and positivity were wonderful to see, and her journey instantly made her a fan-favorite. So, it’s no wonder she decided to spread that message of loving yourself into her first clothing collection.

This is the first launch of her new loungewear brand Babes Haven. The company prides itself on bringing people together, with a strong community message. Their mission statement reads: “Babes Haven is a safe place for women to freely be themselves. Our mission is to highlight the importance of recognizing how beautiful and worthy you are in this world. Our babes will always have a special place where they can feel loved and supported.”

The Self-Love Collection is pretty and comfortable loungewear that allows you to feel and look good with ease. Currently, there are 6 sets in total: 3 sports crop tops and legging sets; 3 sets of soft fleece sweatshirts and shorts. Some have unique names like “Celeste” or “Perla,” while others are creatively named after the colors they represent, like “Daffodil” yellow or “Sage” green.

The 3 sports crops are: Jade, Daffodil, and Sage. They are separate pieces from their matching leggings, so you can mix it up if you’d prefer to pair them differently. The leggings are of the same names, in the colors black, yellow, and green. Each piece has ribbed detailing.

The 3 fleece crewnecks are: Celeste, Rosa, and Perla. The matching shorts are also sold separately, so you can switch up your look if desired. The shorts come in baby blue, pale pink, and a pearly white. The sweatshirts have the Babes Haven logo stitched onto them; the shorts are high waisted with a drawstring waist.

Any other details to know?

There’s already over 13,000 followers on the Babes Haven Instagram account, including Camilla’s Siesta Key co-stars Madisson Hausburg, Juliette Porter, and Kelsey Owens. Others like Makenna Quesenberry have shown support by posting about the launch on their IG Stories.

The only other account Babes Haven follows aside from Camilla is Mallory Paige Sanchez, so she more than likely helped in some aspects of bringing this brand to life. Mallory also posed in the clothing above and in the photo from her own IG page below:

Considering their first collection is all about self-love, we’re betting Camilla has some more positive message ideas in store for whenever the next collection is released. Maybe a body confidence or positive affirmations capsule – either would fit right in to her inspiring loungewear line.

Be sure you’re following both Camilla Cattaneo and Babes Haven on Instagram so you can see any new announcements regarding her brand. As for Camila on Siesta Key – the airdate for the second half of season 4 is TBD.


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