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Exclusive Interview with “Siesta Key’s” Juliette Porter: Get the Scoop on Her Beauty & Fashion Favorites!

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Juliette Porter may have ups and downs like the rest of us (as seen on Siesta Key), but she always manages to look good no matter what’s going down in her personal life. It’s like she’s never had a bad hair day in her life! We recently chatted with the FSU-student-turned-reality-star and she gave us the lowdown on her skincare, makeup, and fashion favorites. Keep reading below to learn about everything, from Juliette’s go-to outfit, to her must-have makeup.

Juliette Porter’s Skincare Routine

Despite balancing a lot in her life (college, filming, parties, and of course, boys!), Juliette always makes time for her skin. To keep her skin looking flawless, Juliette “exfoliate[s] just about every day and moisturize every time after I wash my face.

Juliette Porter photographed by Cheyanne Clark on Instagram. Her skin is flawless!

Juliette Porter’s Every Day Makeup Routine

As far as makeup goes, Juliette tells Feeling the Vibe exclusively that she wears, “SPF everyday with foundation over, fill my eyebrows in and wear a little mascara.” It’s no wonder it’s her go-to look – she always looks put together for every occasion. Need proof? See her signature look for yourself:

Juliette keeps her everyday outfit fairly casual too, stating that she “love[s] wearing comfy jeans and Vans. My favorite jeans right now are called Girlfriend.” Check out how she styles them below!

What’s in Juliette’s Bag?

And since she’s constantly on the go, Juliette always has a few essential products on hand to keep her look fresh and fun from day to night. Items she currently keeps in her bag are: “Wallet, gum, checkbook, hair ties, perfume, hand sanitizer, sunglasses.

We love that she knows what she likes, and sticks with it. We also cannot wait to see what else is in store for the queen bee of Siesta Key this season!

Catch Juliette on MTV’s Siesta Key, airing Tuesdays at 9/8 c – and be on the lookout for part 2 of our exclusive interview with the reality TV starlet, coming soon to FTV!

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