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Jenny McCarthy Reveals if Husband Donnie Wahlberg Would Compete on ‘The Masked Singer’ – Details Inside!

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Jenny McCarthy, The Masked Singer

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg are couple goals in every way: cute Instagrams, they Facetime each other regularly, and they are both on top of their games career-wise. Jenny’s currently a judge on FOX’s The Masked Singer; Donnie’s reunited with NKOTB and is the lead on CBS’ Blue Bloods, which is in its 10th season now. So, would one of them ever guest star on the other’s show? Keep reading below to see!

First off, a quick refresher on Jenny and Donnie’s relationship…

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg met back in 2013 when he was a guest on her talk show at the time, The Jenny McCarthy Show. From there a romance blossomed, as the two became public in July 2013. They were engaged in April 2014, and married by August 2014.

Though their courtship was rather quick, it’s obvious the two are crazy in love (remember: Jenny dated Jim Carrey for 5 years, but the two never married). Jenny and Donnie have talked about each other in numerous interviews, calling each other “their love” or “the best.” Aw, how sweet!

Would Donnie Wahlberg ever be a contestant on ‘The Masked Singer?’

When asked by E! News if her husband (and New Kids on the Block sensation) Donnie would participate on her show, Jenny said that while she’s sure “he would probably love to do it, his schedule is so busy…that’s the only thing that would be stopping him.

Donnie should definitely consider it because his wife said that this year’s show is great, telling E! that “more [celebrities] wanted to be on it. The caliber’s raised.” Fellow Masked Singer judge Robin Thicke echoed Jenny’s sentiments, saying that bar has been set high for season 2.

As for how they’ve improved as judges, Jenny said that they have “just learned how to play the game.” She noted that they have all tried to pay more attention, but it can be tricky. She said “a lot of celebrities try to trick [us] and the viewers. It’ll be a country star doing an R&B song, or they’ll throw in an accent!” We wish Jenny and the rest of the Masked Singer judges the best of luck in guessing this year!

You can catch Jenny on The Masked Singer when new episodes air Wednesdays at 8 PM on FOX. You can catch Donnie on Blue Bloods when new episodes air Fridays at 10 PM on CBS.


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