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Is Katey Sagal Really Mateo’s Boss on ‘Grand Hotel?’

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Katey Sagal and Mateo on Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel‘ is all new tonight and we can promise that it’s only getting better.

All season long, it feels like Santiago (the owner of the Riviera Grand) and Mateo (Hotel Manager) are under huge control. Is Mateo really the one pulling all the strings or is he listening to a bigger boss?

You may assume that Mateo’s “boss” is possibly a group of guys but in promos for “Groom Service” we see that it’s not true.

Enter Katey Sagal aka Teresa. Is she one calling all the shots and inevitably controlling the Riviera Grand?

Santiago, Mateo and the Boss (katey sagal) on grand hotel
(ABC/Richard Cartwright)

Will Gigi Uncover Secrets?

Yes! Up until now, Santiago’s second wife Gigi has been out of the loop regarding her husband’s “business deals” with the Riviera Grand. In tonight’s episode, she will uncover secrets he has been holding from her.

While her relationship with Santiago will be strained, this is the perfect time for her ex, Felix to enter the picture. In last week’s episode, we saw him trick his daughters into taking him back to the Riviera Grand. Now that he will come face to face with his ex, will things explode? Will she run back into his arms?

Danny and Alicia Kiss on Grand Hotel

While every relationship seems to be falling apart at the Riviera, but it looks like Danny and Alicia’s forbidden love is only getting stronger. They had quite a steamy makeout session at the end of “Love Week’s Journey into Day” last week after holding back for so long.

Will Danny be able to keep dodging his budding romance from being revealed to Alicia’s family? Find out tonight on ‘Grand Hotel’ airing on ABC at 10pm EST.


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