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Get the Scoop on “Very Cavallari” Couple Brittainy Taylor and Jon Stone – Details Inside!

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Brittainy Taylor and Jon Stone

One of the newest favorite couples on reality TV are the duo that is Brittainy Taylor and Jon Stone of Very Cavallari. The two of them are sweet, sincere, and genuinely in love.

In honor of the season 2 Very Cavallari premiere this weekend, we thought it would be a great idea to give you guys the lowdown on this cute couple. Find out more about Brittainy and Jon’s relationship below!

When did they meet/start dating?

Brittainy and Jon have been dating since May 27, 2015. The couple will celebrate their 4 year anniversary this spring. Check out one of Brittainy’s anniversary Instagrams below – it shows just how much they’ve grown together over the years.

It looks like they hung out as friends, or with their mutual friends prior to officially getting together. Check out this throwback Instagram from April 2015 on Brittainy’s account – you can see her, Jon, and a couple of their friends at a bar hanging out.

What’s their current status & relationship like now?

Brittainy and Jon are still going strong in their relationship. They are still together, even amidst the drama viewers saw on Very Cavallari. Last year on season 1 of the show, Brittainy and Jon had a heart-to-heart moment about where they each saw the future of their relationship. Things got very serious, very quick when they realized they might want different things.

Not to worry though, they moved past that rough patch with one of the most important things in a relationship: communication. They talked things through, and were able to come to grips with how each of them felt about the relationship. Since then, they have been on the same page and their relationship is stronger than ever.

Brittainy has continually supported Jon’s budding country music career, and he has stepped up and shown support in her endeavors with Uncommon James.

The two are constantly posting sweet messages to each other on social media, and remain true to themselves even with the fame of Very Cavallari. The authenticity of their relationship is one of the many reasons why these two have become staples on the E! reality show.

We cannot wait to see what’s in store for both Brittainy and Jon – here’s hoping there will be more sentimental moments like the ones we saw last season on Very Cavallari. Crossing our fingers that these two are in it for the long haul, because they seem perfect for each other!

Catch Brittainy and Jon, plus the rest of the cast on Very Cavallari season 2 on Sundays starting March 3 only on E!


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