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Brittainy from ‘Very Cavallari’: What She Learned in Her 20’s

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Very Cavallaris Brittainy Taylor has something to celebrate: she recently turned 30! The Uncommon James manager and newly minted reality star shared what she learned in her twenties with her fans on Instagram. Take a look below at the advice she gave.

  • You can do it all, just not the way you thought
  • You always have a choice, that should be based on fact, not feeling
  • Confidence comes from self-assurance that you’re not only striving to be better at what you do, but who you are
Natural beauty. Natural confidence. Image Credit: IG @BrittainyTaylor.
  • You can be selfish, and sometimes you really need to be
  • All choices have consequences
  • All magic comes at a price
  • The lesson was always there, when you were ready to listen
  • Not everyone should be invited to your table, and not everyone will see you fit to be at theirs. PS: That does not give you the right to be an asshole.
  • Your 20’s are the time to be responsibly irresponsible
  • Your 20’s are a time to grow up, and also a time to grow
  • The line in the sand only works if you don’t let others cross it, even yourself
  • Loving the skin you’re in means loving the scars too – and not obsessing over them to create worse wounds
  • Your 20’s represent the end of a decade: college, naivety, guesses, and excuses
  • It represents the wise and wild, fierce and fair; the quality and compassion.

Brittainy ended her reflective Instagram with this statement: “I heard 30 was the new 20 and I conquered my 20’s. So press play and let’s ride. ‘Welcome to the best decade of your life.’”

Brittainy is now 30, but how old are the other Very Cavallari cast members? Reagan Agee is 28, Kelly Henderson is 36, Erin McCarthy-Cline is 31 (soon to be 32), Riley Messina is 22, Lindsay Ann Staniszewski is 30 (31 in April), Jay Culter is 35, and of course, Kristin Cavallari recently turned 32 on January 5.

Catch Brittainy and the rest of the Uncommon James crew on Very Cavallari, airing on E! this March.