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Did Justin Anderson and Scoot Get Engaged?

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Justin Anderson and Scoot in Italy

We have seen a lot more of Kristin Cavallari’s hair stylist, Justin Anderson and boyfriend Scoot in season 3 of Very Cavallari.

Earlier this season, Justin and Scoot were staying at Kristin’s old house, “Bancroft” as they call it while they were looking for a place to stay in Nashville. However, they found their perfect place and are now able to call Tennessee their home.

Justin took to Instagram saying, “we’re just a couple of tennessee residents now! ? we did it, scoot ♥️”

Since Kristin had a falling out with her former BFF, Kelly Henderson, Justin and Scoot have had a lot more air time in the reality show. In the “Kristin goes to Italy” episode, the guys joined she and husband Jay Cutler in the area of Tuscany to trace her roots.

Justin and his boyfriend Scoot got engaged in the season 3 finale of ‘Very Cavallari’ with all his friends watching the big moment!


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