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Danny Delivers Flowers to Alicia on ‘Grand Hotel’ July 29th – Sneak Peek Inside!

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Danny Gives Alicia Flowers on 'Grand Hotel'

Things are heating up on an all-new episode of ABC’s Grand Hotel! First up, the staff has a spring break party to attend – or rather, tend to. Judging by the first look photos we’ve got for you, it won’t be long before the lines between professional and personal will be blurred again.

Alicia and Oliver in 'Grand Hotel'
Alicia with her new beau Oliver on ‘Grand Hotel’

A Quick Recap

This isn’t the first time Grand Hotel has tackled tricky romances in the workplace. Danny and Alicia’s forbidden love has been a major plot line this season, and things got even crazier when Danny’s other girlfriend, Heather was revealed on “Love Thy Neighbor.” Their relationship ultimately meets its demise as Danny’s feelings for Alicia cause him to break up with Heather. But of course, when he runs off to tell Alicia his true feelings, he sees her with another man at the gala!

Danny Delivers Flowers to Alicia..

That’s where Monday’s all-new episode comes into play, as Alicia toys with Danny’s emotions a little bit by telling him how “great” her new beau Oliver is. “And that sexy British accent does not hurt,” she adds in the sneak peek video below:

Danny on the Rebound?

While Alicia may be trying to start a new relationship with Oliver, Danny is not going to simply sit back and watch. While on the job at the Riviera Grand, this is his perfect opportunity to start chatting with some new women.

Danny chats up guest star Sammi Hanratty
Danny chats up guest star Sammi Hanratty | ABC

A huge spring break party is being hosted at the last family owned hotel on Miami. You know what that means, lots of drinking and women of course! Danny is seen talking to one of the party attendees (guest star Sammi Hanratty) on Monday’s new episode – but what’s this all about? Will sparks fly? Or will he still hold on to hope for something with Alicia?

Check out the photo gallery below and decide for yourself when the episode airs Monday July 29 at 10/9 c on ABC!


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