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Cara and Garrett Have First Fight on ‘Siesta Key’ Tonight – See Video Clip

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The new couple in MTV’s ‘Siesta Key‘ seem to be hitting it off pretty well since the first episode aired.

Garrett who last season dated Kelsey, is now catching feelings for Alex’s ex, Cara Geswelli.

She came back into town to try to stir up old feelings from Alex, causing Juliette a lot of frustration and tension.

In tonight’s newest episode, we see a lot of storms rushing through the relationships on Siesta Key.

Alex & Juliette’s Fight

Things become heated when the group gathers for an outdoor get together on the beach. While Cara (Juliette’s nemesis) and Garrett (Juliette’s ex) are sitting together talking, Juliette notices Garrett looking at her.

Wanting Alex’s support, Juliette hopes for Alex to come to her rescue. Though, he seems to be too busy having fun and drinking to pay attention, triggering Juliette to become upset.

Things escalate when Alex’s cousin Pauly gets in the middle of the fight. Juliette exclaims, “We’re broken up right now!” Is this it for Jalex?

Cara and Garrett’s Fight

We are digging this new couple. They seem to go together pretty well, but we are still unsure if Cara is catching real feelings for Garrett or if this is just a ploy to get Alex jealous.

In a new clip from tonight’s episode, “Carrett” is chilling together on the couch when Alex is brought up.

Garrett tells Cara, ‘you need to stop talking to Alex.

Got it, crystal clear,’ Cara says as she is getting visibly frustrated.

Garrett continues rubbing Cara’s leg, when she says, ‘can you stop doing that?

What is “that?” Check the clip out below:

That’s not all going down in tonight’s episode…

Madisson stars in Brandon’s music video, causing issues in her relationship with Ben and prompting jealousy from Brandon’s girlfriend.

Canvas meets with her estranged mother again.

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