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Madisson Shades Boyfriend Ben on Twitter About Flirting with Tawni on ‘Siesta Key’ – See Video Clip

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In an all new ‘Siesta Key‘ episode coming to MTV, a lot is going down!

Not only are Juliette and Alex on the brink but another new “Siesta” couple are in jeopardy of splitting up.

What’s Up with Ben and Tawni?

Let’s catch you up.

Ben is Madisson’s new boyfriend who just moved down to Siesta Key. Madisson’s ex-boyfriend, Brandon asked her to star in his music video of a song called Somber about their past relationship. She said yes. Now both Madisson’s new boyfriend Ben, and Brandon’s new girlfriend, Camilla are trying to sort out their feelings on this.

Did you catch all that? Well, now enters Tawni (Canvas’s best girlfriend) and she has eyes for Ben…and it appears that Ben has eyes for her too.

Canvas couldn’t believe her eyes when Tawni showed her some R-rated texts Ben sent.

One in particular said that he wanted to tie her to her headboard.

Well Madisson clapped back at this one. She recently took to Twitter saying, “I wanna tie you to your headboard too…and leave you there forever. #SiestaKey

Are Ben & Madisson Back Together?

There aren’t any real signs of what their current relationship status is but there are some clues.

For Madisson’s birthday, Ben posted photos of the couple dating back to when they met in college, when Madisson was 19. He said, “Happy Birthday to my left hand woman. 6 years later and still can’t get you on my right. Nobody I’d rather have by my side for the glow up.

Just a few days ago Ben posted a photo saying, “Happiest when she’s fed.

We are guessing the couple might be trying to work it out.. What do you think? Tweet us

Take a look at the upcoming Siesta Key episode from 2/26/19 below:

Catch ‘Siesta Key‘ on MTV every Tuesday at 9pm EST.