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Elias Harger Exclusive Interview on the Final Season 5 of ‘Fuller House’

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Elias Harger Interview from Fuller House Season 6 2019

Elias Harger, who plays “Max,” DJ’s youngest son, on Fuller House dishes on the upcoming final season of the Netflix hit, one of the most popular items in his dressing room, if he notices fans on Instagram and why fans may not recognize him out and about. Get these details and more below.

Can you give us any hints on what’s to come in your storyline for season 5?

I think fans will be surprised to see how much Max has grown up. Also, in one of the episodes there’s a big change in Max’s persona, but you’ll just have to wait and see what it is.

Who do you hang out with most from the cast?

Elias Harger and Jodie Sweetin from Fuller House November 2019
Credit: Instagram / Elias Harger

I spend time with Jodie Sweetin and her daughters, the Messitt Twins, Michael Campion, John Brotheron’s family and Scott Weinger and his son. I’m lucky to have a pretty good relationship with a lot of people on the cast.

In a recent Instagram post, you said that your co-star John Brotherton was giving you swag lessons. What are one or two things he taught you?

The only lesson I remember was that he told me to “lead from the hips,” whatever that meant. LOL

What can a fan do to get your attention on Instagram?

I read the comments, and I check the DMs. I appreciate the support and nice things people say. It’s hard to answer everyone because I’m pretty busy, but I do see the comments. I really like hearing from my fans.

Do you and the rest of the cast get to meet the studio audience after taping?

Some of the audience gets to come down on stage after a live taping to see the set and take photos with the cast. It’s always an honor to meet our fans after the show.

Have you been recognized out in public or do you keep a pretty good disguise?

I do get recognized sometimes. My looks have changed a lot recently, so I get recognized less often than I used to. Fans still think of me as looking younger. Maybe that will change after Season Five comes out.

What are some essentials you keep in your dressing room?

Well, this season we’ve needed to keep cold medicine on hand. I stock a mini fridge with water and the occasional Coke. In my room, I also have a cool Monopoly game that I play sometimes and weirdly, a plastic fencing sword that I got somewhere.

We know a lot of fans are upset this is the last season. Is there anything they can do to help bring it back for a 6th season?

Elias Harger and the cast of Fuller House 2019
Credit: Instagram / Elias Harger

The cast isn’t ready for Fuller House to end either. We still have the last two episodes to tape, and it’s going to be really hard to be funny while crying. We really appreciate the support of our fans. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye.

Michael Campion said he wants to see the show come back for a “Fullest House.” Would you be on board for that one?

I’d be on board with Fullest House. It would be fun to see what happens to the characters. Maybe Max would solve all the world’s problems and become president or something.

What’s the best advice you’ve received from your TV mom, Candace Cameron?

Candace Cameron Bure is a wonderful role model. She is very supportive of me and always encourages me. She is very kind to her fans and a great leader in the cast. She leads by example.

What’s the best advice you’ve received from John Stamos?

Elias Harger and the cast of Fuller House Season 6 for Dave Coulier's birthday
Credit: Instagram / Elias Harger

A couple years ago, John told me that I reminded him of himself when he first was acting. He said he had a bunch of energy like me. He gave me some good advice about channeling my energy.

When does the new season come out on Netflix?

Netflix hasn’t yet announced when the new season will air. We’re excited to find out, too.

Have you had any other acting roles and can you tell us about them?

Fuller House is my first big acting role in Hollywood, and I was super blessed to have such a great acting family introduce me to the industry. I’m excited for the future, but I’m also sad to say goodbye to the cast and crew of Fuller House.

We found out Fuller House Season 5 is due out on Netflix in December of this year.

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