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New Kids on the Block Fan Encounter Stories

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Paula with the NKOTB Meet & Greet

Have you been a blockhead since the 1980’s? Some of these lucky fans have had the opportunity to meet the guys that changed their lives. Whether it was at a VIP meet and greet, out on the road, or by winning a contest, all these stories are magical and will make you want to meet these guys even if you don’t know who they are!

*Warning* You may just fall in love with the 5 guys from Boston quickly.

Paula’s NKOTB Fan Encounter Story:

Mixtape Tour Story!

Paula with the NKOTB guys at the Mixtape Tour meet and greet.
NKOTB Meet & Greet, Paula is with Joey McIntyre | Credit: Paula

I just spent my money for concert tickets when the Mixtape Tour was announced. I was getting ready to go on the cruise actually and couldn’t afford tickets at the time. As the tour grew closer I kept debating on 5 Star or just going 4 Star. As time continued to get closer I still debated.

Finally I got a gift card from work for $500, so right then it made my decision on going with the 5 Star! I was totally excited to be able to meet my favorite band again, (for the fourth time). Of course every time I meet them I go through a lot in my mind in what to say to them in the five second span I had with the guys. After the group photo, I was so happy I got to go with my 5 Star package. I am looking forward to the next time I can afford the VIP package and see my favorite band again.

A few more photos from Paula’s encounters with the NKOTB Guys:

Paula with Donnie Wahlberg of NKOTB
Paula with Donnie Wahlberg | Credit: Paula
Paula with Jon Knight of NKOTB
Paula’s selfie with Jon Knight | Credit: Paula

Katie’s NKOTB Fan Encounter Story:

Stories from the NKOTB 2017 Cruise!
We left on Wednesday, and went immediately to the Omni Riverfront, as the pop up store times were announced early that morning, and Danny Wood was scheduled to be there for selfies!!! OMG!!! First pinch me moment. Kim, Cheree and I walked into the hotel, and immediately to my left was Big Dan. Oh WOW, this is getting real now. We lined up to meet Danny and it went amazingly well.

Credit: Twitter @KatieMcCrary4

When we finally got to Danny, he was just adorable, and being that this was my first time meeting any of them, I was shocked at his tiny stature. He’s built, but he isn’t super tall. We got several selfies with Big Dan and Danny took 3 shots with each of us to make sure we all got a good photo. Danny was super sweet.

I cannot explain the feeling of when those guys come out on that Lido Deck for the first time. They come outside on the deck, and the excitement is palpable, then they come down to the stage one by one, and when Donnie leads the Oath, it is electric.

Credit: Twitter @KatieMcCrary4

When it was time for the photo lineup, it was smoother than I expected. Danny was first for our group in the meet and greet/photo op. Terrie talked to him again about his current Star Wars shirt he was wearing at the time. She reminded him that she was the one who spoke to him the day before at the pop up shop about Star Wars, and he ever so cutely smiled and said, “I remembah”, in his adorable Boston accent. Next in line was Donnie. I’m pretty sure I lost myself here. This was my first real interaction with Donnie. I melted in to a puddle of mush, I swear. Donnie looked at me and smiled that fabulous smile, and said, “Hey Girl”. Ohhhhh my goodness. Insert melting heart here. Donnie gave me a hug, and I am pretty sure all I could do was smile. No words came to me.

Next was Jordan. My man crush for so so long was standing right in front of me. We posed for the picture, and then these words started coming out of my mouth, that were so calm cool and collected. I am not sure what happened, but the words that came out of my mouth didn’t even feel like mine because they didn’t sound dumb and actually sounded fun and flirty. I looked at Jordan after the picture, and the words that came out of my mouth were, “I can’t wait to show you our superhero costumes for tonight.” He looked back and smiled and said, “Whatcha got?” I responded with, “It’s a surprise; you are going to have to wait and see!” He grinned from ear to ear. OMG the dimple sucked me in, it really did. Who was this cool girl speaking out of my mouth, because it totally wasn’t me, but I was so grateful that I didn’t sound dumb.

Credit: Twitter @KatieMcCrary4

Joe and Jon were last in the photo op line. I hugged them both pretty good, and told them both how much fun we were already having. And the rumors about Jon’s hugs are 100% true. BEST Hug ever. He was so soft and warm and strong. He is just cuddly. The hand hug from the summer was a great representative of the full body hug in the fall. That felt great. I walked out of there thinking, did that just happen? Second pinch me moment. I walked out of the photo op, going OMG I totally flirted with Jordan Knight, and I didn’t come off like a fool. What the heck just happened?? Seriously? Is this for real??

As we walked back to the boat, were behind none other than Jordan and Joe and their security. Another funny moment when we got back to the ship was that when we were supposed to show our Sail and Sign Cards/Identification/Passports to get back on the boat, Jordan didn’t have his out and ready, so we had to wait for him. I was close enough to see that it was behind a visa debit card in his wallet. That is mighty close yall.

Credit: Twitter @KatieMcCrary4

Let me also explain that Post Cruise Depression (PCD) and Post Tour Depression (PTD) are real. Coping with PCD includes looking at your 1,400 pictures over and over again, looking at your BH Sister’s photos and videos, and watching your videos over and over again reminding yourself that this really did happen and was not just some elaborate dream.

Petrina’s NKOTB Fan Encounter Story:

It was an exciting trip! We all had hopes of meeting the guys for selfies. Some had already met and were hoping for new ones and some of us were first timers. My first time to be away from everyone in my family too for the length of time I was away. We did a lot of walking that trip. I loved walking so it was fine with me. We rented this one bedroom apartment for a week. Between all of us it wasn’t too bad. I rode the Amtrak to get there which was reserved about 6 months in advance cause I wanted to lock in my early bird two way price, which was $180 round trip.

On the first day there, we all met, unpacked, and chose nicknames. Mine was Anirtep. We walked around Boston, ate dinner and then went to bed because we had an early wakeup. Neelie and I went on a land/water tour on the first day. I wanted to see some of Boston and this took us around for some good sightseeing. The second day we did a lot of walking around. That’s when we went to the toy store, and well I feel we may have walked half of Boston hoping to see even a glimpse of the guys. No sightings, but still a nice day.

NKOTB fan Petrina in Boston at FAO Schwarz
Petrina and Friend at FAO Schwarz in Boston | Credit: Petrina

Third day we decided to spend some time in the apartment getting to know each other. Later in the day we went out and visited the NKOTB star and the Hard Rock Cafe. It was pretty cool actually.

Petrina's trip to Hard Rock Cafe
Petrina’s trip to Hard Rock Cafe | Credit: Petrina
Inside Hard Rock Cafe with NKOTB signed plaque | Credit: Petrina

On day 4, we walked around hoping to spot the guys. No luck but we had tons of fun trying. Day 5, it was game on! Now I don’t know how they knew but several of the girls in my group had addresses so I was ready and willing to try. Neelie and I took the subway and walked two blocks to Joey’s house while the other 5 went in the car. One girl drove up in her car so we had one 5-seater between 7 of us. We got there about 2 minutes after Joey’s dad came out to tell our group and another group that Joey wasn’t coming out today, so please try again tomorrow.

NKOTB Star at Hard Rock Cafe
NKOTB Star at Hard Rock Cafe | Credit: Petrina

For me tomorrow wouldn’t happen but it was ok. We decided from there the car would become known as the clown car. Three girls sat in back. I laid across their laps out of sight. The driver had her spot, one girl sat on the floorboard in front with her legs hanging over the seat and another criss cross applesauce on the front passenger seat. It worked. We had people laughing as they passed and several pulled out cameras and took pictures. Next we went to Jon’s house. We lucked out and got there right as he was going to check his mail! I was in shock and so the only words I could get out was “please and thank you,” as the other girls explained why we were there and he was sweet enough to just say sure he’d be happy to (take a picture). Now starting out I was a huge Joey girl with Jon tendencies so this was the best thing ever. We thanked him and decided to head to Danny’s next. We got there and the girls said “be extra quiet,” so we made sure to be quiet as mice. He saw us and came out and asked if he could help us. Now I normally wouldn’t go to people’s homes. I just love the guys but was afraid of being arrested and really anticipated that he was going to call the cops. Of course we quietly explained why we were there and somehow I managed to speak up and say I would just like to get a quick photo please. He smiled and said sure. We all got our photos and thanked him. Now this was extra exciting because I was already on my way to converting to a Danny girl. I always ask how I waited so long. His smile sealed the deal that day as well. This fangirl had started her conversion. Next we tried to find Jordan and Donnie, but no luck.

We decided to go back to the apartment to drop off the car and walk to the record store to look at records, then go to dinner. While in the store three girls walked outside to smoke while the rest kept browsing. Well just our luck! Jordan was jogging or running and the girls outside stopped him. Next thing we know one runs in. Well I didn’t see her so when she yelled in excitement “hey girls!” I jumped so high I could’ve dunked a basketball. Ok maybe not that high but I did scream and jump lol ?. She then says “Jordan is outside and said if we hurry he’ll take a photo with us.” It was so awesome because that made photo number 3. With Jordan I could only get out a “thank you” after our pics. I actually felt bad afterwards thinking about how quiet I was when I saw he and Jon ?.

Petrina with her niece on Amtrack | Credit: Petrina

Even if we hadn’t run into any of the guys on the trip, it would have been worth it. I truly never wanted to go back home because it just felt so peaceful in Boston. But meeting three of the NKOTB guys was just icing on the cake for me. I unfortunately had to leave early in the morning on day 6 so I was on the Amtrak headed to Memphis when the other 6 met Joey! On day 7 only 5 girls were left to meet Donnie.

Petrina's friend meeting Donnie
Petrina’s friend Eileen meeting Donnie | Credit: Petrina

All in all, it was the best vacation a single girl could have. If I had it to do over again, of course I’d hope to not be so shy this time but it was the best trip a fangirl could have!

Nicole’s NKOTB Fan Encounter Story:

I first became obsessed with the New Kids when I was 12 years old. Like many young BH’s, my walls were covered with carefully cut out pictures from magazines. Had the poster of Jordan in his white shirt blowing in the wind above my bed. And of course had the sheets. On my mom’s birthday, one day before Donnie’s, I would make my family sing happy birthday to Donnie (after singing to mom first ❤️) before we cut the cake. The last few years have been tough. In 2015 my mom was diagnosed with ALS and she passed away 18 months later. When the Mixtape tour was announced my dad called me and told me he knew it was always a dream of mine to get to meet NKOTB so he was getting me VIP tickets with meet and greet in Portland. He didn’t know I had already gotten tickets to Tacoma (not VIP but good seats)❤️❤️

I was going to the concert by myself in Portland and had never done a meet and greet but read that you had to get in a group and try to get by the guy you wanted. I have always been a Jordan girl so had hoped to be next to him but really it didn’t matter! I was going to meet them! I got to the venue early and quickly got with a few people and then Tommy and his mom joined our group! Tommy and his mom have been going to see NKOTB since 1989. His mom brought a picture from one of the first times they met Jon, who is Tommy’s favorite. It instantly touched us all.

Jonathan Knight with his fan Tommy and Tommy's mother at a Meet & Greet in 2019.
Jonathan Knight with his fan Tommy and Tommy’s mother at the Meet & Greet 2019. | Credit: Nicole

We had little difficulty with numbers because Donnie wasn’t going to be part of the group picture due to plane issues getting back after Elijah’s graduation. But we got in! Saw Big Dan and he saw me smiling like a little girl and came over and gave me a hug. I asked if we could do a picture and he quickly obliged. I had heels on but kicked them off and took a picture ? He was amazing! Went and took a picture of the bedroom set and sent to my best friend growing up and she thought I had sent her a picture from my old room-then she saw the wine haha! Finally it was time to go in! I was nervous and had massive butterflies. I became that 12 year old girl whose dream was about to come true. Danny was first as we walked in. Gave him a hug and told him that I loved his dad! Jordan was next. I just froze. Couldn’t really say anything.

Nicole meeting Jordan Knight from NKOTB at a 2019 Meet & Greet
Nicole meeting Jordan Knight from NKOTB at a 2019 Meet & Greet | Credit: Nicole

A woman in our group and her husband just started chatting Jordan up. I just stood there (I’m an attorney and speak for a living and could get anything out). Jordan put his hand on my back as he was talking to the couple to bring me in to the conversation and to make me feel more comfortable. During the photo I felt awkward, so I shifted my body before the second. Jordan caught it and asked me why? I told him I felt awkward and he just gave me a big hug??! So sweet and kind. I will always remember it!

Pictures were over, so I hugged Joey and Jon (such a tight awesome hugger). We were going to get individual pictures with Donnie after the show. I had seen the show in Tacoma the night before and while it was the same playlist, it was such a different experience! They give so much and make each show special. I had amazing seats and loved every minute!

After the show we were ushered back upstairs where Donnie was! He came and talked to us all and told us the venue wanted to close but he was going to get to us all! As it was close to my turn, the butterflies came back. I got in and he just wrapped his arms around me. I had the biggest smile and again couldn’t speak!

Nicole meeting Donnie Wahlberg at the 2019 Meet & Greet
Nicole meeting Donnie Wahlberg at the 2019 Meet & Greet | Credit: Nicole

As I was walking away he grabbed my hand and said “I love you” to which I was able to respond “I love you too.” It happened! I met the boys that I grew up adoring and maybe even adore more now! I am so thankful for their love and generosity! I also am so thankful for all the BH’s! They helped to make a wonderful experience totally unforgettable???

Jaelynn’s NKOTB Fan Encounter Story:

Jaelynn has been a huge fan of the New Kids on the Block for 11 years now. When she won a contest, she never anticipated all that was about to come from Donnie Wahlberg, one of her absolute favorites!

Donnie Wahlberg fan encounter by Jaelynn
Donnie Wahlberg with Jaelynn | Instagram: jaelynn.x

The journey and story of me being the Wahlburgers At Home grand prize contest winner began Friday May 24th. Being a first time flyer and first time being in Las Vegas even first time being anywhere on the West Coast, I was super nervous to fly but the experience wasn’t that bad. After being off the plane and settled into our hotel for a bit, my parents and I headed to the Wahlburgers where the general manager, Junior, had already planned on meeting with me and enjoying a free meal. Junior and the rest of the Wahlburgers staff was incredibly down to earth and treated me like I was a celebrity or a 5 star princess and like family. They welcomed me in right away and Junior was so ecstatic to meet me! Our waiter Bill was a super cool dude. I explained the situation to them about winning and all that was involved with it and they couldn’t have been more excited for me!! Junior sat down next to me and said he would give me a little goodie bag. He gave me a Donnie’s Favorite glass (they haven’t even released them yet!) and a Wahlburgers hat. I enjoyed the best Thanksgiving turkey burger I’ve had and sweet potato tots with Wahl sauce on the side. Took some nice photos with Bill and Emily next to the cutout of Donnie, Mark and Paul(sad that Junior had to run out). Junior gave me some top secret info about Donnie possibly visiting Wahlburgers the next day and that I should come out.

Nobody was 100% sure but that day, Saturday, we got ready with our concert attire on and headed to Wahlburgers anyway to grab lunch before going to the venue. We met up with Junior again and he told me that there was a 96% chance of Donnie showing up, but nobody else knew, just me and my parents and the staff. I could hardly eat my wahlbowl because I was shaking so much imagining that my dream of FINALLY meeting the guy that changed my life soo much, Donnie, was going to come true. After a little while Junior came back to sit next to me and took some photos and then said Donnie is for sure coming because he told him that there was a special girl who needed to meet him. He said when you see me give a thumbs up, that’s when he has arrived. I was able to calm a little bit since before. I couldn’t stop smiling though! I was getting more and more excited once I saw Victor (Donnie’s bodyguard and tour manager) and Junior talking and pointing at me. When it finally came time, Junior tapped on my shoulder behind me and gave a motion to come here to the kitchen, I immediately grabbed my phone and went back there. He pointed to this backroom and as soon as I took that right turn, there was Donnie standing there holding his phone up and I believe recording. I covered my mouth in surprise and just hugged him. He was saying on his phone, “this is what happens when you win with Donald!” Or something like that. And then my parents walked in shortly after behind me and said is this your parents and I said yes. My dad was wearing a NYPD hat and Donnie asked him if he was a retired officer ? nope, just got it at the gift shop at the hotel since Donnie plays on Blue Bloods for NYPD! He hugged me so tight and I swear he gives the best hugs! He made me feel so calm and relaxed and being in his arms honestly just felt like home. I said I love you so much Donnie and he said I love you so much more. He asked me if I had seen a show yet and I said no, only one on the Total Package Tour. He said where are your seats at? I replied with I’m not sure I won’t know until I go to will call but I have been dreaming of barstool seats forever!! He said, you want barstool seats?! I said YES!! He said I’ll get you barstool seats, don’t worry. I said Donnie, you are truly amazing and so awesome and the cutest smile went across his face. I said I also have one question, will you pick me to be your Cover Girl? And then I showed him my customized shirt and he said well I think you will have to be and then told Victor, look at her shirt! He asked me if I dance and I said only with you? he was like you don’t do the floss or anything like that? I said haha no I’m not into Fortnite and he laughed and said that’s okay. He also asked if I had Instagram so he could post the photos of us and I said yes, do you mind also following me on Instagram? He said I already planned on doing that, and then smiled. (He still hasn’t followed but I hope he does). My mom said you don’t even know, this is your biggest fan right here! And we absolutely love Blue Bloods and Wahlburgers with Alma. I said yeah, I love Alma, your mom so much. She seems like such an incredible and sweet lady.

My mom says it’s one of her dreams to go to Boston! He said, you get her to Boston, and I’ll get her tickets for the show! I was like wait what?! Are you SERIOUS?! He said yes, of course. He then explained the situation how he was going to go out into the restaurant and take photos with everyone and then bring me back into the kitchen. So we went and followed him out of the kitchen and everyone started screaming and cheering and then we sat in our booth. We watched him go around and take photos with everyone in the restaurant and outside then came back in. He went back into the kitchen to take photos with the staff but we didn’t know we thought he was leaving so we followed and he was like don’t worry I’m not leaving yet. So we went back out and sat down and as he came back out he came up behind me and rubs my head so I held his arm. Few moments later he goes back into the kitchen so we followed back into the backroom and he chatted with us and Victor gave us his phone number so we could get the upgraded tickets. Donnie continued to just hug me and have his arm around me and as I was standing there, I opened up my phone and Victor says wait what’s on your lock screen? So I showed him the two photos I had and he was like oh I like that one (pointing to the lock screen with new kids) Donnie jumps in and says what’s wrong with the first picture? Which my background was of just him in his Boston bruins jersey. He says I like that photo and I said me too. My dad says do you think they will win the finals? He said I hope so. Donnie continued to give me more hugs and then said have you had barstool before? I said no, I’ve always wanted to and he says you’ve got to experience it at least once and don’t worry, you will see a whole lot of me, then smiled. Gave me one more hug and said can’t wait to see you at the show tonight and waved twice goodbye to me. We went back to our seats to grab our stuff and thank Junior and the staff again for everything they have done.

They have been the most nicest staff and just greatest people I’ve experienced and hope to see them again one day. An hour later, we headed to the arena and got some merch and I met Dan Wood aka Big Dan, Danny Wood’s dad. He was super cool and nice and I asked for a photo and then explained how I won the contest and he was so happy for me. Then we waited for a bit so I could meet up with Donnie’s personal assistant because she was going to give me our tickets. We got taken back and down to like a basement area. Once the guys came out, Donnie looked right at me and just gave me the best hug ever!! Holding me and rubbing my back. He was chatting with me about the barstool tickets and I said to him, your tweet kinda surprised me and he was like well I just wanted to get it to you and I said I know but I was expecting an Instagram post haha. Then Victor pulled us aside so other people would get their group photo and then we went up there. I stood in between Donnie and Jordan. When the photos were done, Donnie was holding me and hanging onto me and just staring into my eyes, he basically had me like locked into his eyes and we both were just smiling so sweetly at each other!

Jaelynn with Jordan Knight of NKOTB | Instagram: jaelynn.x

I was so lost in his eyes that I didn’t realize that Jordan was still to my left and shaking me ? I looked over and he was like hey!! How’s it going and I said hi Jordan ☺️ my mom snapped a couple photos but I wasn’t even paying attention!!!! ? then Joey came around and was like hey!!! I said hi Joey!!! He gave me a big hug and snapped a couple photos. I was kinda disappointed that I didn’t even get to say hi to Jon or Danny and get a photo and hug with them .

Jaelynn with Joey McIntyre of NKOTB | Instagram: jaelynn.x

I asked Victor if I could get individual photos quickly and he said they have to go. Donnie said she might as well because she’s right here. Wish it was up to Donnie lol. I really didn’t even get a photo with Donnie right there but I was still happy with everything that had been happening. And I have to say, I thought the guys were so attractive through a phone screen….they are way more handsome and stunning in person!!!?? So after that was all over, we went back upstairs until it was time to get in line for doors to open. Once we found our seats, we were on the right side of the stage. We sat by this super cool girl and found out that she visits Michigan a lot! What a small world. Concert finally started with Naughty by Nature dj-ing to get the crowd going crazy. Then New Kids came on and I felt myself just be free and enjoy every single possible moment that was happening in front of my eyes. Fast forward a little, just before the song Cover Girl started, Victor came over to me, tapped on my shoulder and said do you want to be Donnie’s Cover Girl?? I said YES!! So as soon as Donnie said are there any cover girls out there tonight?! Victor took my hand and told me to wait by the stairs. Once Donnie said I think I saw my Cover Girl over here, he extended his hand out and took me up onto the stage. I couldn’t believe that I was standing and hugging my favorite guy in the entire world in front of thousands of Blockheads. I could not stop smiling! He spun me around and then he hugged me again, kissed my hand and then led me off the stage. I was shaking so much!

Jaelynn on stage with NKOTB for “Cover Girl” | Instagram: jaelynn.x

I could not believe one of my biggest dreams had just come true!!!!! I went back to my seat and started crying and smiling and recorded more videos. He kept pointing and smiling and winking at me all throughout the show. Then right at the end, he came over by my side of the stage and I flipped my camera around, he bent down and took a couple photos with me then kissed the top of my head. I couldn’t believe that had just happened!!! By the end of the night, my body was so sore and I was covered in the confetti from Block Party and my heart filled with happiness and lots of love. I have developed this new interest and relationship and just love for these crazy kids from Boston, hard to explain. I couldn’t be more thankful and grateful to Wahlburgers At Home for giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity to finally meet the guy that has made the biggest difference in my life and so much more. I also could not be more thankful to New Kids on the Block, especially Donnie. He means the absolute world to me and way more than he will ever understand. I will remember this moment and trip and phenomenal experience for the rest of my life. I am forever thankful and I will be loving New Kids On The Block FOREVER!

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