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How Tall is Bruno Mars? We Know You Want to Know

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Celebrities are fascinating people, and fans like to know everything about them. In the case of singer Bruno Mars, people have always been curious about his height. So, how tall is he? We have that answer and more below, including how he measures up to other celebrities like Taylor Swift, or his girlfriend Jessica Caban.

How tall is Bruno Mars?

Bruno Mars is 5′ 5″. That makes him an inch taller than his girlfriend, Jessica Caban, who is 5′ 4″. Below, see a photo of the two of them standing next to each other. There is a subtle difference!

It’s a slightly different story when Jessica wears heels, because then she has a few inches on her boyfriend. But, Bruno doesn’t mind! Below, the duo celebrated Jessica’s birthday together:

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Bruno Mars’ Height – Has he mentioned it before? Where else does it come into play?

Bruno Mars may not mind that he’s only 5′ 5″, but the Internet loves to ask him about it. He’s spoken about his height in interviews. “I’m a short guy, so… I’ve always done the hat thing, but now I’m doing ones with bigger brims,” Bruno told The Daily Star.

Another thing that’s been revealed? Sometimes he has to use props in his music videos to give the illusion of height. According to The Daily Mail, on the set of his music video, Bruno was seen on a box to give him some height over the model who was working alongside him. Other times, it’s about the angle of the camera, as seen in his music video for “Grenade.”

Bruno Mars vs. Taylor Swift

As the BuzzFeed tweet below reminds us, one height difference no one can forget is that of Bruno Mars vs. Taylor Swift.

Swift stands at 5′ 11″, making her half a foot taller than Mars. While sometimes Bruno wears platform shoes or boots for added height, Taylor also wears heels to award shows or other events. As you can see, Bruno’s also wearing a hat, which has been a signature part of his look for many years.

Regardless of his stature, Bruno Mars has a great stage presence, allowing his music to transcend boundaries. To keep up with Bruno, be sure you’re following him on Instagram. His girlfriend Jessica can be found on Instagram as well.


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