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Nathalie Kelley’s Beauty Routine: Skincare, Makeup, & What’s in Her Bag!

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Nathalie Kelley Beauty Routine

Nathalie Kelley of ABC’s newest hit, The Baker and The Beauty is totally gorgeous, but she’s often preferred a more natural look versus getting too dolled up. If you’re curious as to what other beauty secrets she has, keep reading below. We’ve got her skincare and makeup favorites, not to mention what products she takes with her on the go.


While her onscreen character Noa Hamilton may be all about glamour, off set Nathalie has a more pared-down approach to beauty.

She likes to let her skin breathe during her off time, and doesn’t actually use foundation or concealer. She wants her skin to be at the forefront of her everyday look. That being said, she does have a select few products that she relies on to keep her skin healthy.

She’s Australian, so while she’s home in Sydney she uses Rationale skincare products. She also likes May Lindstrom’s line, especially the jasmine facial spray. She told Harper’s Bazaar Australia that she loves her Keys sunscreen.

As for her go-to makeup look, she revealed to Byrdie that she’s not very versatile in the makeup department, often opting for a cat eye. She uses a cream blush by RMS for her cheeks, Glossier’s highlighter on her cheekbones, and some Urban Decay lipliner for her lip color. She doesn’t like her lip color to be glossy or too much; she prefers that “just bitten” look.


It’s not so much what Nathalie keeps on hand with her as much as how she embraces the world around her. She’s an avid traveler, and revels in nature as being her best-kept beauty secret. Walks, hiking, exploring, whatever brings her peace and joy is what improves her mood, and subsequently, her appearance.

She’s always preferred natural products, or a more grounded way of doing things. Things like morning tea, eating organically sourced foods, keeping water and sunscreen with her at all times, those types of things keep her wellness level stable.

Be sure you’re following Nathalie on Instagram @NatKelley for even more of her everyday life. You can catch her and the rest of the cast of The Baker and The Beauty Monday nights at 10 PM ET on ABC.


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