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Happy 50th Birthday Jordan Knight- See Inside for Messages from Blockheads!

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Blockheads with Jordan Knight a Happy 50th Birthday

He’s the man who stepped on to the stage and into the hearts of Blockheads everywhere. His smooth dancing and vocal skills took fans to euphoric levels as they watched this rockstar in the making. Our very own Jordan Knight, 1/5 of the beloved New Kids on the Block is turning the big 5-0 but from the look of him, most would guess more along the lines of 3-0!

We wanted to do something special for the “I’ll Be Loving You Forever” singer as he celebrates a big milestone. Thank you Jordan and of course all of New Kids on the Block for bringing smiles to so many Blockheads and a joy that is hard to describe.

We here at Feeling the Vibe put a message out asking Blockheads to send in their personal birthday notes for Jordan and WOW they didn’t disappoint. An incredible group of Blockhead fans for an outstanding music group.

Happy Happy Birthday Jordan! May you always have love, laughter, health, and joy in your life! Your energy is contagious and we just love your “vibe!” Now on to some (A LOT) of very special birthday notes from your Blockheads, complete with photos and videos. Enjoy!

Scroll down to the bottom for a very special birthday video to Jordan!

Birthday Messages to Jordan

“Wow! I can’t believe my favourite guy is turning 50!! Happy happy birthday sweet Jordan and I hope it’s filled with fun, love and lots of blockhead birthday wishes! ❤️❤️❤️ Have an awesome day!”

– From Annie in Fredericton NB Canada!!

“hey Jordan happy birthday to you i just wanted to say that i love u & what u bring with the smiles & laughs how u care for your fans & here’s to many more years so love ya & have an awesome birthday” – Kristen W.

“Happy 50th birthday Jordan.” – Chasity

“Happy Birthday Jordan! I hope you have a good birthday. I hope one day
i can meet you. Thank you for the virtual cruise I had fun it was my
first cruise” – from Just waiting

“Hi Jordan,

Wanted to wish you a very happy birthday during these hard times. Regardless of what is going on in the world, I hope you have a wonderful birthday!”

-Melissa Kohnert

“Happy 50th Birthday Jordan! So much love to you today and always I love you❤️”
-Michelle #BostonGirl

“Hi Jordan ?
Best wishes for your 50th birthday.
Hope you will have a very happy day with your family. ???
Hugs and kisses”
From Eva – a fan from Denmark

“Hey Jordan
Happy Birthday, hope you have an amazing day.
Nothing but Love and Respect and 100% support for you this
day and always. Enjoy it!” – Jenn

I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and say thank you. Your music has gotten me through a lot since I was a little girl including the death of my baby girl before she was born. You guys do so much for us, we could never repay you guys. Jordan, you are still hot, genuine and a loving person. Enjoy your big day. Happy birthday!”
Love, Ammie Stettinger

“Happy 50th Birthday Jordan. I have been a Jordan girl since I was 8 back in ’88. My 1st celebrity crush actually, LOL Hope u have an amazing birthday. Hugs & kisses from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.” ~From Julia Lambert~

“Happy Birthday Jordan! I hope you have a good birthday. I hope one day I can meet you. Thank you for the virtual cruise I had fun it was my first cruise.” -nkotb fan

Happy 50th Birthday Jordan!!!
JK girl since 1988

-Janet H.

“Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday!!!! May you have a wonderful day!!!”

Love, Cortney

“Jordan, I just want to wish you a Happy 50th Birthday. You are my favorite musician of all time. I just want to thank you for being so amazing and tell you that you have gotten me through so many bad times.”
– Crystal Allen Chattanooga, TN.
This is a picture of me attending my very first New Kids concert last year after being a fan since 1987.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN! ? I can’t believe your 50…definitely don’t look it! Just wanted to say I hope you have an amazing birthday, it sucks with the circumstances but i love you and I miss you and wishing a great year full of blessings for you and your beautiful family! Thank you for always being the positive light in my life, for being so kind and humble and continuing to just give us love! God bless!” – Tayler

“I hope you have a great day. I love you and all the music you do and with the guys.” – Kat Cox

“Jordan can’t be turning 50 cause that means I’ll be turning 50 next year, well I sure don’t feel my age around NKOTB. I’m the 18 year old watching my favorite band! I have 1 special memory of Jordan from a meet and greet. I told him he was so pretty. (Because my friend and I always thought he was). And he kept asking was that good, and I told him yes that was VERY good. He was so cute about it. So Jordan….. stay happy, healthy, and “pretty”.”

Love Always,
Lori Kropf

“Jordan, Though you’re turning 50, let’s take a moment and look back over the years. You have amazing family and friends as well as BH family in your life over the years. You have seen joyful and sorrow times. experienced some amazing travels and cultures.

NKOTB came apart of my life at an age that music was my healing mentally. The music helped me get through rough home life as well as mentally. Though when I was young I was not able to get tickets to a show so when our lives crossed paths again with the reunion Tour, I got tickets to several different shows.

Finally did a meet n greet on the NKOTBSB tour in Indy. I have enjoyed all my experiences with you and your fellow bandmates so Thank You for that.

Today on your birthday marks a new Decade of memories. I want to wish a decade full of loving memories and wish you a happy birthday.” —Sarann Pence from Ohio.

“Dear Jordan,

As I’ve mentioned in my previous comments, I have forever been a fan of yours since the 80’s. As a young girl growing up, you were my heartthrob ? and like every young girl, I dreamt of one day being Mrs. Jordan Knight. I loved you so much from the moment I laid eyes on you, that I begged my parents to buy me everything NKOTB I saw in the stores. One year I got your doll figure for my birthday and I never stopped playing with it. I would spend many hours pretending that the doll was you live in person doing a private concert just for me, while your songs played on my stereo in the background. All those years I prayed that my parents would take me to a NKOTB concert. Finally, in 2008 during your comeback tour, I jumped on the opportunity to purchase advanced tickets for my cousin’s and I to attend the concert. I will never forget my reaction that evening. The doors opened for us to be let in before the rest of the general audience. As we walked to find our seats on the floor, I heard this voice from behind say “enjoy the show ladies.” To my amazement when I turned to look, there you were….In person…Live! I screamed “OMG! It’s Jordan!” and then you gave that same genuine handsome smile that you’ve always done. ?? I felt awful for having been so excited over seeing you for the very first time, and then I ruined the moment in my clumsiness by spilling some of my cocktail on your nice leather jacket. ?I am still very sorry about that to this day, and if I could go back in time, I’d tell myself not to get so excited to the point of losing all control Lol. Anyway, I wish you all the best! I will forever be a blockhead and you’ll always be “My Favorite NKOTB!” Happy 50th Birthday Jordan ???”

-Michelle Carrillo -Avondale, Arizona

“Happy 50th Jordan!! Here’s to many more!!??
Your number 1 Jordan girl!” -Michelle Duren ??

“Happy 50th Birthday, Jordan! You make 50 look fabulous. I hope you have an amazing day filled with love and laughter. Thank you for being part of a band that has made a huge impact on my life for the last 30+ years. One day, I hope to get my selfie with you?”

Much love and many blessings ? –
Dawn Risinger
BH sister since ‘88

“He was always my favorite, he was the first star I saw on TV when I was 9 that looked like me. I wanted to be just like him! I was hooked and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. My daughters now love them too! Happy birthday!!!” – Brian B.

“Happy 50th Birthday to the man I have loved since I was 13!” – Autumn M.

“Hi, Jordan. I hope you’re enjoying what I’m sure is A HUGE chocolate cake. I’ve got to admit that I’ve been struggling with what to say, and I’m still not sure the words I’m using here are the right ones. I’m just trying to speak from the heart, like you do all the time. You never hesitate to talk about the good, the bad, or the ugly. It’s a courage that a lot of people admire, including me. You’ve been through a lot, seeing the darker side of humanity, from childhood up until now. You’ve looked your demons in the eye and given them the finger, and you’ve been there to coach your brother through his own struggles. Through your music, you’ve been present for many firsts in people’s lives, and you know how to calm us down in darker times. You’ve made us laugh, made us think deeply, and you’ve certainly made us blush several times. When it comes to blessings, there are five for us, and a million for you. In this, your fiftieth year of life, I pray you have everything you dream of, and so much more.”

Danielle (one of the million)

-Andrea T.

Happy 50th Jordan from England!

“Remember the amazing Hammersmith London concert? Then I travelled from England to Canada and the US to see you.

Have an amazing 50th birthday! Still looking good!”

Ree from England

Jordan Knight 50th Birthday Card

“Happy Birthday Jordan!!! I hope it is a great one for you!!! Be safe!!!”

-Love you, Missy Haver @HaverMelissa

“Happy 50th Birthday? Thank you for sharing your beautiful talents with us all❤️ We will forever be grateful for your kindness and love! We will be loving you forever and sending you so much love today and always?” Love, Nicole

“Hi Jordan ! I just wanted to say I’ve been a fan since 1986 . I love your music and I love your voice it’s very soothing . Happy Birthday! I love your music . It inspires me to be a better person and be true to myself no matter what obstacles I may face .” xoxoxoxo Jennifer Jordyn Knight

“Happy birthday my sweet love Jordan Knight, I hope to meet you someday in person because you’re special to me since summer August 5, 1989. I miss you really!” – Hello from Paola Leonardi from Italy ???????????

“Wishing you a wonderful 50th birthday! Thank you for your devotion to the Blockheads throughout the years. You’re truly very talented and we thank you for all you do. ??”
-Marie Moffitt BH4Life

“Wishing you the happiest 50th birthday! Thank you for the decades of happiness you’ve brought me (I mean, my face says it all!). You are amazing and I hope this is the best year yet! Can’t wait to see you in Fenway and on NKOTBCruise11.5! ?”
Steffanie aka @nkotbcruiser

“Happy 50th Birthday Jordan!!! Hope you have a fantastic day!!!! Love you and I hope to meet you soon!!!!”

Love Always,
Kathy Dominguez

“Wishing you a wonderful birthday. Have a fantastic day. Much love always Linda in UK.”

“Happy birthday Jordan love you have a great day????” – Sarah M.

“Happy Birthday Jordan ??” – Mary Robert

“Happy birthday Jordan, still looking nifty at fifty! We love you!” – Nicola B.

“Hello Jordan! My name is Shawnee and I have a crush on you and wanted to tell you Happy 50th Birthday. You’re very handsome have a blessed and great day!” Sincerely, Shawnee Reck ??????

“Happy Birthday Jordan Knight
I’ve been a fan since I was 10 years old going on 39 on May 14
50 never looked so good!” – Carmen B.

“Happy 50th birthday!!
Hope you have a wonderful day.”
Hello from Pennsylvania

“Happy Birthday Jordan!! Have a wonderful day. We love you! ?❤️” -Ellen M.

“Jordan Happy 50th Birthday hope you have lots of cake and fun have a wonderful day love you! ????” – Kelly M.

Happy 50th Jordan!!
-Amber S.

“Happy birthday Jordan you look so good for being 50 years old. Love from Carrisa.” – From Sierra Vista Arizona ❤????

“I wish you a happy 50th birthday. Enjoy this special day with your family.” -Martine xox

Hey Jordan,

“I know we haven’t met but to make you a long story short! I’m a 1st generation baby block head i was 7! Now going to be 37 on May 18th right after you! #TEAMTAURUS lol. Ive loved you for quite sometime. I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ???? hoping you can send me a shout out too! Would be a dream come true if all 5 could? But if its just you then I’d be happy! Hope all is well with your family, im sure they have something planned out for you! Just know that i haven’t been a die hard fan because ive been thru alot in my life as a single parent. Things have gotten somewhat better but at times can be hard. Just know last year even though i didn’t get a meet and greet i celebrated my birthday at last year’s concert! Here in El Paso, Tx on May 21st would have been awesome if it was the 18th of May but it didn’t work out that way. I don’t have a picture of us together yet hopefully sooner than later! But just know it took me a whole year to catch up where the band is and how much you all have accomplished. The only thing is you guys travel a lot too east and west coast even Midwest a lot more than where I’m from. And i get it more fandom out there but don’t forget us in the southwest! Love you Jordan God bless! Ohh you and i love chewing gum like a lot another thing we have in common! My fave is peppermint and peppermint ice what’s yours? Plus i do love singing but im shy to send you a video so i hope this birthday letter gets to you well? Happy Birthday again and hope you’re able to celebrate it with family i might not. We will see? Love you! Here’s the closest I’ve been to you….” – Michelle D.

“From one May baby to another, I just wanted to wish you a very Happy 50th Birthday. You wear your age well. Stay safe, stay healthy and HAVE FUN ON YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!” – Always and Forever a Jordan Fan, Elissa Bauman

“? Happy Birthday to you, You’re still young always. ? I love you Jordan.”

-Malinda Greene
North Carolina

“There are people whose songs inspire you; make you laugh, cry, encourage you to give the best of yourself and never let go
There are some people whose advance in time only amplifies the beauty.
You’re one of them with Donnie, Joey, Danny and especially your brother Jonathan.”
-From Maud (@lacah_12)

“Happy birthday Jordan. 50 never looked so good. I hope u have a very special day. Hope to see u at Fenway. Happy Happy Birthday. Love u ????” – Shelly W.

“Happy Birthday Jordan! 50 never looked so good!”


“Happy birthday!!!!! Vivo en Madrid ( España ), soy fans vuestra desde hace bastantes años. Os vi en la radio en los 40 Principales cuando vinisteis a Madrid. Muchas felicidades Jordan, deseo que pases un feliz día y que cumplas muchos más. Un beso enorme.

-Yania M.

“I just wanted to wish you a Happy 50th birthday!! I have seen my first concert in July 2019 in Hershey, PA. Stay safe and healthy. Enjoy your birthday!!” – Melissa

“Jordan hope you enjoy your day! Thanks for all these years of be with us! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!??” -Myriam R.

“Happy birthday to you I love you so much.” – Kim C.

“Happy Birthday, Jordan! Hope your day is as amazing, wonderful, and unforgettable… just as you are. Thank You for sharing your amazing personality with all of the Blockheads and Baby Blockheads around the world. Thanks for all of the time that you dedicate to entertaining fans, especially throughout the current situation. Today is your special day, so enjoy it.” – Chelsea S.

“Happy birthday Jordan ❤️?” – Marisa T.

-Liz J.

“Happy birthday best wishes always!” – Susan Beard

“Happy Birthday Jordan! Still haven’t had the chance to meet you after all these years, but hopefully will on the new cruise. Hope you have an awesome birthday!! Love ya!” -From Sophie xx

“Happy 50th Jordan! Thanks for all you do for us. And the happiness you bring to our lives. Always a Jordan girl. Enjoy your day.”

Love from FL.
-Margaret Somers

“Hey Jordan. I wish you a very happy birthday full of love and blessings. I know you’re hanging tough cuz you’ve got the right stuff. I’ll be loving you forever and I’m not playing games tonight. Lol. In all seriousness have a blessed day.”

-Love Pamela Barnes

Mixtape Indianapolis, IN 5/5/19

“Happy Birthday Jordan! Thank you for sharing your talent with us! Hope your day is filled joy and blessed with many more!” – Jennie

“Happy 50th birthday Jordan?! #BHLove 30 years blessings and here’s to 30 more love ya ! – Noel??♥”

“Happy 50th birthday Jordan?! #BHLove 30 years blessings and here’s to 30 more love ya !Noel??♥” – Crystal C.

“Happy Birthday Jordan! I hope your 50th birthday is the best yet. I wish for many blessings upon you for this milestone year. Thank you for many years of allowing this blockhead to love you and your music. You’re beautiful inside and out. I hope to meet you sometime. IG:@dawnkelley333 Twitter: @dawntakacs if you are inclined to follow. If not, no worries. ❤️ Sending lots of #bhlove.” – Dawn K.

– Jen K.

“Wishing you a very Happy 50th Birthday!!! Been loving you for 30+ years and will be loving you forever!!! Sending birthday love and hugs from Connecticut ❤️”

-Love you, Gail Dalton

“Happy Birthday Jordan !!
Hope you have a wonderful day !!” – Daphne C

“Happy Birthday, Jordan!

You’ve been my favorite musician since 1989, and I cannot thank you enough for the joy and music you’ve brought into my life. I hope your birthday is as special as you are! Take care. :)”

-Tammy S., Baltimore, MD.

“All the best and good wishes for your birthday, lots of love and joy.” – Anna S.

“Happy 50th Birthday Jordan. I have been a fan since the beginning and some day soon, I will attend my first concert, first cruise and first time meeting you all. Even though you can’t spend it the way I’m sure you would like, I hope you have a great day. Lots of love and best wishes from Australia.” – Michelle S.

“Over the last few weeks I have had the great pleasure of seeing all of you live. It has been amazing. For being 50 you really look fantastic. Yes you have travelled around the world and sang for thousands and thousands of people, making them happy, so my birthday message for you is never stop believing in the impossible, for you are only as young as you feel, make 50 your 40 and so on. Hope you have a great birthday, ????.”

-Yours Sincerely, Tracey Hage

-Dana Blum

– Christine H.

“Happy Birthday Jordan!❤️ Love you:)” – Talia L.

“I just wanted to wish you a Happy 50th Birthday. Thank you for everything you do for the fans. You are amazing. Have a great day!!!” -Jill B.

– Tobi C.

“It’s crazy to say it, but I’ve been loving you for roughly 3/4 of our lives!! I was honored to celebrate your day last year in Dallas! Happiest of birthdays to you Jordan! Praying 50 is your best year yet. ❤️” ~ Amy Carter

“Jordan Happy Birthday May all your wishes come true! Also Thank you for being such an inspiration to me!”
-Love Always Debbie Strong ❤️

“Happy 50th Jordan!! I hope you have a great day! You are a sweet soul! You deserve the best!! Hope to see you soon on the road!!!”

-Julie Ashley
Denver CO

“Happy Birthday Jordan from Canada! Hope you have the most amazing special 50th birthday almost as special as you are to all of us! Have a great Birthday!” – Val Heyduk

“Happy, Happy Birthday Sweet Jordan!
I hope that you have the most AMAZING 50th year full of love, hugs and great music. ? You have always been (since I was 17) and will always be, one of my most favorite people on Earth! Love You Always and Forever!! ?????”
Alishia Rodriguez, @NickiKittyKins

“Dear Jordan,
Wishing you the happiest 50th birthday! I celebrated my 45th, during this Quarantine, definitely one for the books! Hoping to get another chance to do a meet and greet and hopefully get a smile and hug because as you can see, you and the New Kids always put a HUGE smile on my face!
Wishing you health and happiness, this year and always!” -Love, Liz Murray @nkotbfangirlalways

“HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY JORDAN! Thank you for giving us so many years of love and entertainment! I hope you have the best quarantine birthday!” -Love, Valerie Freeman

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN!! You are the most talented guy with a beautiful voice and beautiful heart!! Thank you so much for all the NKOTB love! May you have a wonderful fun.” – Sharon

Watch Blockheads Wish Jordan a Happy 50th Birthday Below!

We hope you have a very special day surrounded by your loved ones. Here’s to 50 more!


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