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Does ABC’s ‘The Hustler’ Have a Season 3?

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ABC’s The Hustler is one of the most popular game shows on network TV today. Filled with crazy clues, new contestants, and host Craig Ferguson bringing the fun, it’s no wonder it’s already aired two successful seasons. But, that begs the question: is there a season 3? Find out more about that below.

The Hustler: Recap of Season 2

The Hustler
A few contestants from ABC’s ‘The Hustler.’ Photo Credit: IG @thehustlerabc.

The Hustler aired two seasons on ABC; the second season renewal was announced in April 2021. Season 1 was when the show found its footing. With plenty of fans and good ratings, it’s no surprise the series was picked up for another season.

Season 2 gave us an all-star premiere in June, with clues featuring Lady Gaga and The Sopranos. The series continued to raise the bar as the season went on, bringing in 5 new contestants each week to try and one up the other to win that coveted prize. Players were kept on their toes, each clue a new piece of the bigger puzzle to solve. If you recall, one of them each week is “the hustler” and part of the game is to try and figure out who that hustler is.

By the end of September, it was time for the season 2 finale. Titled “Connive and Strive,” it had contestants pitted against each other, all going to great lengths to get ahead in the game.

So, is it renewed for season 3?

While The Hustler has not yet been renewed for a third season at ABC right now, that does not mean it’s cancelled either. ABC Network has yet to reveal its status. Plus, you have to keep in mind that if season 3 were to follow the blueprint of season 2, then it would air in summer of 2022. Season 2 premiered in June 2021 and ended in September with 11 episodes. Prior to that, season 1 aired from January-February 2021 with 8 episodes.

A good sign that The Hustler is on its way to a renewal for season 3 is that casting applications are being submitted. Twitter user @MidnightR41N posted this video on January 17, writing: “I just applied to be on @ABCNetwork @TheHustlerABC wish me luck .. or not. That’s cool too. #thehustler #abc #tvshow.”

In the TikTok video, he showed the link to the website where The Hustler is casting. The 51 question application includes questions like “how good are you at lying?” and “how can you spot a liar?” Background, hobbies, etc. are also considered. So, if you’ve ever wanted to be on a game show, go ahead and fill out the application.

Be sure you’re following The Hustler on Instagram and Twitter to see when the show’s status will be updated. It’s done great so far, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it got a third season.


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