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Who is Sam Logan’s Ex-Girlfriend, Brittany Russell from Siesta Key?

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Brittany Russell

Brittany Russell is Sam Logan‘s ex-girlfriend who finally made an appearance in the midseason finale of Siesta Key earlier this month. Prior to her arrival in the Florida city, she was mentioned by Sam’s girlfriend at the time, Juliette Porter, in narration. When fans finally saw her onscreen, she dropped a bombshell about Sam that left fellow co-star Amanda Miller in shock. But, just who is Brittany? Find out more about her below with these facts before season 4B of Siesta Key debuts.

Who is Brittany Russell?

1) Brittany dated Sam Logan for almost a decade. The former couple even got two French bulldogs together named Chickpea and Tofu. And yes, their dogs have their own Instagram account. You can follow @chickpea.the.frenchie for all the puppy content!

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2) She works a realtor in Sarasota, Florida. After graduating from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Marketing, she joined Key Solutions Real Estate Group.

3) Some of her skills include: neighborhood knowledge, friendliness, and the ability to make each part of the process stress-free for her clientele. She knows all about each part of the Sarasota lifestyle: schools, homes, shopping, and other recreational activities, which allows her to be an effective guide.

4) When she’s not working, she enjoys hanging out with friends and family, traveling, and partnering with a variety of animal charities.

Speaking of friends, surprisingly enough, she and Juliette Porter used to run in the same circle! Brittany still has a photo of she, Juliette, and a couple of their other friends on Instagram, which you can see below. One of Juliette’s close friends, Lexie Salameh, is friends with Brittany too.

5) Currently, Brittany’s in a relationship with Daniel Paloscio. They’ve been dating for almost two years, and they have an adorable golden retriever. They spent the New Year in Egypt, and more recently, went to Maine.

Be sure you’re following Brittany Russell on Instagram to see more of her day-to-day life. You can catch her on the second half of season 4 of Siesta Key, coming soon to MTV.


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