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Whitney Port Rewatches “The City” Episodes with Husband – Video Inside!

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Whitney Port and Tim Rosenman

Whitney Port is throwing it way back to her MTV days – all the way to The City. Yes, you read that right: Whitney’s revisiting her hit reality show, which aired from 2008-2010 and ran for two seasons. The 35 episodes started as a spin-off from The Hills, which Whitney was originally a part of, and now she’s letting fans in on she and husband Tim Rosenman’s rewatch. Get more details and see a couple videos of their reactions below!

Whitney and Tim Take The City

The former Hills star began rewatching her old MTV series as a way to pass the time during quarantine, and she convinced her husband – and former City producer – Tim, to join her. They began with the pilot, where Whitney was aghast at the fashions she wore to work and out and about.

She thought her first yellow patterned dress was quite the sight, even though she seemed to get positive reactions from New Yorkers – and her husband, who said she looked beautiful. Aw! You can see a snapshot of the dress in question in the collage below:

Image Credits: YouTube / Whitney Eve Port.

For Tim, it was a little awkward to watch his wife go out on real dates with various guys, including an Australian named Jay. It was pretty funny to see him try and decipher everything that Jay said though!

A few episodes later, the producers tried to set her up with her co-worker, Chris, who Whitney revealed now was “not into her at all” at the time. Talk about awkward.

Whitney also commented on her old costars of The City: Olivia Palermo and Roxy Olin. According to Whitney, Olivia had the “best wavy hair” while her relationship with Roxy was complicated. Though they were roommates, Roxy ended up moving out by the show’s end. Sound familiar? Very much a Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag situation, don’t you think?

Fun fact: Whitney said that her husband, Tim, started working on The City during season 1, episode 3, though they wouldn’t start dating until after the show was finished. They did meet thanks to her show, so that’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

Whitney’s been posting a few IGTVs, but if you want to see their full reactions, go to Whitney’s YouTube channel where she has all of them uploaded. In the meantime, check out Whitney and Tim’s rewatch of The City pilot below:

Be sure you’re following Whitney on her Instagram so you don’t miss any more of her walk down memory lane with The City.


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