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Tell Me Lies Season 2 – will it happen?

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Tell Me Lies, Hulu

Tell Me Lies has already been a hit for Hulu, and fans desperately want a second season. So, is there going to be a season 2 of Hulu’s Tell Me Lies? Find out what there is to know so far about that possibility below, including what series star Grace Van Patten had to say about it.

Will there be a season 2 of Tell Me Lies on Hulu?

Yes, Tell me Lies has officially been picked up for season 2! But, Grace Van Patten – who played Lucy Albright in season 1 – was hopeful. “We might get a second season. We’re waiting to hear, but I really hope we do,” she told TODAY.

As for what could happen in a second season? Van Patten told the outlet that they could explore the gap between Lucy’s freshman year and 2015, where she and former love Stephen DeMarco (Jackson White) lock eyes at a friend’s wedding. Giving viewers a glimpse into the happenings between those 8 years could definitely fill up another 10 episode season. Has Lucy been able to really move on from Stephen? Or, have those feelings lingered? Those kinds of questions could be answered should season 2 be greenlit.

If you’ve watched the season 1 finale, which aired on October 26, then you know that there’s a look at Lucy’s future sans Stephen. She’s in a good place with her boyfriend Max, but how did she get there? What about seeing Stephen again – how did that affect her? And how about the relationship between Lucy and Stephen during the rest of college? Grace told Deadline she hopes that those questions get answered too.

One idea Grace posed to Deadline was: “It’d be cool if Lucy ends up as Stephen’s boss. Some dynamic where Lucy’s in charge but not in a relationship way.” She really wants women to feel that they can take power back in toxic situations, even if they are in romantic entanglements. To see Lucy do that with Stephen could definitely make for a dynamic second season.

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We are excited to see what happens in season 2. Seeing how Stephen and Lucy’s family and friends are doing could also add to the layers of a second season. How’re their peers doing? Have any of their relationships endured? How’s Lucy’s mom CJ?

To see if any of these questions are answered, be sure that you’re following Tell Me Lies on Instagram. Plus, keep up with series stars Grace Van Patten and Jackson White on social media too for any updates on their characters or a potential season 2. You can stream season 1 on Hulu now.

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