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Maddie Ziegler Stars in Sia’s New Music Video “Together”

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Maddie Ziegler, "Together" by Sia

Maddie Ziegler‘s dance background comes in handy once again, as the former Dance Moms star is featured in Sia‘s new music video for her song, “Together.” Keep reading below for more details on the new song, and Maddie’s feature in the video.

Maddie Ziegler and other stars come “Together” for Sia’s new venture

Photo Credit: Tonya Brewer.

While Maddie is the featured celebrity in Sia’s new music video, she isn’t the only Hollywood name Sia’s been working with on this new project. See, “Together” is only one part of Sia’s latest venture – her upcoming album, and movie: Music.

According to the official press release, the motion picture stars Kate Hudson as Zu, who has to care for her half sister, Music (Maddie Ziegler). The film brings forth two things that are very important to Sia: how to find your voice and what creating a family really means. The movie also stars Leslie Odom Jr.

Sia wrote the screenplay back in 2007, and based it off of her short story. She co-wrote the song “Together” with Jack Antonoff, who you may know from the band fun. and from his numerous collaborations with Taylor Swift.

Any other details on the music video?

The music video’s theme is vivid and colorful, which lends itself very well to Sia’s personality. She’s known for thinking outside the box – remember Maddie’s debut in “Chandelier?” – so it’s no surprise that this video is something very unique.

The video opens with Maddie doing an almost silent dance routine to Sia’s voiceover of the lyrics. Her facial expressions are punchy and joyful, which fit the Crayola-like color scheme going on in the background. It all flows nicely, as the song itself is about coming together and sticking by the ones you love.

The song is one of 10 new tracks that Sia has penned. We can’t wait to hear it in the film, as well as the rest of her new music! Congrats to Maddie Ziegler for starring in another one of Sia’s music videos – her star power is shining in the video above. We’re sure her work in the movie is nothing short of that either.


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