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Maddie Ziegler Checks in with Fans During the Quarantine

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Maddie Ziegler and Eddie Benjamin 2020

Maddie Ziegler is practicing social distancing during the 2020 quarantine.

In a recent post by the professional dancer, Ziegler posted a slew of selfies because what else would a 17 year old be doing during a quarantine? In the background is a perfectly blue sky with puffy clouds – you wouldn’t know anything was wrong.

However, COVID-19 has taken us all by storm, celebs alike. We all must stay quarantined so that means socially distancing yourself from your loved ones and friends. To keep in touch with the outside world, Maddie decided to check in with her over 13 million followers. She asked, “what have you guys been up to in quarantine??”

Fans were quickly answering. One said, “Playing roblox and doing online dance,” and another responded, “Mostly sleeping. I mean is there really something else to do than sleeping?”

In a photo posted a few days earlier, Maddie was getting a head start by “recharging.”

Before this quarantine, she was far from alone. She surprised her fans when she posted this mysterious shot of she and musician, Eddie Benjamin. “We’re sending everyone calm and positive vibes,” she wrote.

However, it garnered a mixed reaction from fans. “Maddie is 17, she’s now an adult,” one quipped. Another agreed, “Y’all seriously need to calm down, she’s 17 she turns 18 this year.”

And did you know this almost 18 year old is a spokesperson for Fabletics? She reminded everyone that you can still get a deal on these cool outfits – check out the message below.


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