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Kelly Henderson Digs Into Jay Cutler’s Life on ‘Very Cavallari’ Tonight for Her Podcast

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Kelly Henderson Interviews Jay Cutler on Podcast

The two breakout stars of ‘Very Cavallari‘, Kristin Cavallari’s husband Jay Cutler and BFF Kelly Henderson.

Last week, we watched as Kelly went on a blind date in Nashville with a young man named Brandon. This week, we are watching as Kelly sits down with Kristin’s ex-NFL playing husband Jay.

How did Jay feel about doing an interview with you?” asked a producer.

Kristin and Kelly both cracked up. “He didn’t really have a choice, happy wife, happy life,” said Henderson.

Kelly Henderson talks to Jay Cutler in Velvet's Edge Podcast
Kelly Henderson interviews Jay Cutler

Sitting Down with Jay Cutler

What does a day in the life of Jay Cutler look like?” was the first question out of Henderson. “You sound just like Kristin,” Cutler chuckled.

I think I’ve been working out a little bit more now, playing basketball a few times a week at 6 in the morning with a good group of guys,” he revealed.

Kristin chimed in, “basketball is great for Jay. It keeps that competitive edge, but he’s home by 7:30am,” she laughed.

Jay Cutler on Kelly Henderson's podcast
Jay Cutler talks to Kelly Henderson on Velvet’s Edge Podcast

Let’s Talk Relationships..

When asked how it was to balance a relationship, 3 kids, and a high pressure job, he gives all the props to his wife. “Kristin balanced it all, I just showed up,” he admitted. “If she wasn’t as tough, resilient and caring as she is, I didn’t do anything. She kept that ship afloat,” Cutler explains of life when he was playing in the NFL.

Jay Answers Fan Questions

Who Runs Jay Cutler’s Instagram, “if jayhadinstagram?”

Did you know Jay Cutler is on Instagram? Well, sort of. His wife, Kristin runs the account. It is revealed on the ‘Very Cavallari’ episode tonight.

Who Runs Jay Cutler's Instagram profile

What does Jay think of men being intimidated by strong women?

You may think I wrote this one in but I didn’t…” said Kelly. “If you’re with a guy who is intimidated by what you do, find a different guy,” said the 35 year old. Get his full answer on the Velvet’s Edge podcast.

Check out a clip of Jay and his wife Kristin talking about their relationship in a scene from tonight’s episode on E!

Tune into ‘Very Cavallari’ Sundays at 10pm EST on E!


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