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Kalani Hiliker’s “Kare by Kalani”: Where Beauty Meets Self-Care Fun!

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Kalani Hiliker, the name synonymous with dazzling dance moves and her unforgettable stint on the hit Lifetime TV show “Dance Moms” with the iconic teacher Abby Lee Miller, is back in the spotlight. But this time, she’s not just wowing us with her dance prowess; she’s dipping her toes into the world of beauty and self-care. And trust us, it’s a journey worth following.

We all know Kalani as an incredible dancer from her “Dance Moms” days. But what you might not know is that she’s equally passionate about skincare and self-care. Yes, you read that right—she’s a multi-talented powerhouse!

So, what’s the buzz all about? Kalani has launched her very own beauty line called “Kare by Kalani,” and it’s making waves for all the right reasons. This line features a range of products designed to make you look and feel your best. And trust us, you’re going to want to try them all!

1. Klarity Brush, Recoup Massager, and Kare Free Karryall The “Kare by Kalani” collection boasts a variety of exciting products, including the Klarity brush for flawless skincare application, the Recoup massager for relaxation and rejuvenation, and the Kare Free Karryall tote bag for all your on-the-go essentials. It’s like a self-care paradise in one place!

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2. Sweet Deals for Beauty Buffs If you’re looking for great deals, you’re in luck. “Kare by Kalani” offers free shipping on orders over $40, and if you sign up for text message alerts, you can score a fantastic 10% discount on your next order. Saving money while indulging in self-care? Sign us up!

3. Kalani’s Vision for Kare But “Kare by Kalani” is more than just a beauty line—it’s a movement. Kalani’s own struggles with anxiety inspired her to create a brand that promotes self-love and well-being. Her vision goes beyond beauty, aiming to empower everyone to take care of themselves. In her words, “So, go take Kare of yourself. You deserve it!”

4. A Journey from Dance Moms to Self-Care Advocate Growing up in the public eye, especially as a “Dance Moms” alumna, Kalani faced immense pressures, enduring intense and exhausting rehearsals. But she was determined to find a way to alleviate her own anxiety, leading her to embark on this exciting self-care journey.

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5. Kare Mineral Mask with Natural Rose Quartz and White Jade One of the standout products in the “Kare by Kalani” line is the Kare Mineral mask. Infused with natural rose quartz or white jade, this mask utilizes the power of cold therapy to rejuvenate your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and radiant.

6. Thera-Wrap Band for Instant Stress Relief And here’s a fun one! The Thera-Wrap band is designed to relieve tension from a stress-filled day. This premium silk head wrap combines the soothing benefits of heat and cold therapy to offer instant relief. It’s like a warm hug for your head!

With “Kare by Kalani,” Kalani Hiliker is proving that beauty and self-care can be fun, empowering, and accessible to all. So, whether you’re a fan of her dance moves or just looking to treat yourself to some self-care goodness, dive into the world of Kare and let Kalani guide you on a journey of beauty and well-being. After all, as she says, you deserve it!


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