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Abby Lee Miller Returns to Reality TV with ‘Mad House TV’ – A New Era of Dance Drama!

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Abby Lee Miller, the iconic dance teacher known for her no-nonsense approach, is making a triumphant return to reality television, and this time, it’s on a whole new platform. After years of captivating audiences on Lifetime TV’s hit reality show “Dance Moms,” Abby Lee Miller is back, ready to bring her unique brand of drama and dance expertise to the screens once again. But there’s a twist! She’s not gracing your traditional TV screens; instead, she’s making her debut on Brandon TV, a streaming app that promises to “bring reality queens back to you.”


It’s HERE. The official trailer to Abby Lee Miller’s infamous return. You thought moms were bad? September 29th. Join the wait list and grab an early bird discounted subscription. 🩰🔥 #abbyleemiller #madhouse #brandontv #realitytv

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In this new era of reality TV, the Brandon TV team is creating a whopping 60 media channels that entertain over 100 million subscribers daily. The streaming app is already generating immense buzz, and eager viewers can sign up for the waitlist, with the premiere date set for September 29th, 2023, when “Mad House TV,” Abby Lee Miller’s latest dance show, will make its grand entrance.

“Mad House TV” promises to be a dance lover’s paradise, as Abby Lee checks in and opens her doors to a new generation of dancing hopefuls. The show’s streaming debut on September 29th, 2023, is a date that’s sure to be marked on the calendars of fans worldwide.

So, how can you join in on the dance action? Head over to and sign up for the waitlist. Once you’re in, you’ll be able to watch the drama, passion, and determination unfold right on your smartphone or computer screen, no matter where you are.

Fans of “Dance Moms” will also be delighted to see a familiar face in “Mad House TV.” Hannah Grace Colin, who made her mark in Season 8 after the original dancers departed, will be back to keep the excitement alive.

In the thrilling trailer for “Mad House TV,” Abby Lee Miller declares, “I’m not looking for an elite team. I’m looking for a professional group of working dancers.” As the trailer unfolds, viewers catch a glimpse of Abby’s dedication as she hits the gym, emphasizing the countless hours she’s spent with other people’s children.

The show kicks off with Abby Lee welcoming everyone to the “Mad House,” a fitting name for the rollercoaster of emotions and talent that awaits. Drama is already brewing as Abby invites dancers to train and mold themselves into working professionals, setting the stage for intense competition and unforgettable moments.

The trailer concludes with Abby’s powerful statement: “Give me something, something that I’m going to remember.” As the spotlight shines on Hannah Grace Colin, questions arise about whether the once-quiet dancer will find her voice in the “Mad House” now that she has matured.

With its September 29th premiere just around the corner, “Mad House TV” promises a thrilling and dramatic return for Abby Lee Miller, marking a new era of reality TV that dance enthusiasts won’t want to miss.


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