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Jess & Gabriel’s Relationship Analysis + Update on Florida Life

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Jess and Gabriel Conte are one of the most popular YouTube couples and Instagram influencers today. The duo is known for their vlogs and their fun photos that showcase their everyday life. One of their most recent videos caught the attention of their fans, as they watched a dating expert analyze their relationship. See what the expert had to say, plus Jess and Gabriel’s responses, below. We’ve also got an update on how Florida living is treating them, so keep reading to learn more.

What did the relationship analysis of Jess & Gabriel Conte reveal?

Jess and Gabriel Conte have been together since 2016, though they first began talking over social media in 2015. They got to know each other when she traveled from Australia to Los Angeles. They had their first date in Malibu in February 2016, and were married by December 2016. Now, they’re still happily married and their YouTube channel is flourishing with over 3 million subscribers.

So, what did the dating expert reveal about their relationship? The expert – Anthony Recenello – said that their relationship is “that of best friends.” He also said that he didn’t think there’d be anything off about their romance since “these guys seem pretty cute.”

According to Anthony, Gabriel is a “playful, kindhearted, softie” and he’s “really goofy.” Gabriel agreed, saying “that’s true.” As for his read on Jess? She’s “a generally pleasant, pretty girl,” which she and Gabriel hugged on, in agreement. Anthony added that regardless of if the cameras are on or off, Gabriel and Jess will be just as sweet to each other.

What’s even cooler is that Anthony left a nice comment on their video. He wrote: “Trust me I was just as nervous watching this as you guys were. 😅 Me and my gf were cracking up tho glad you liked the vid! And Gabe I DM’d you. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻” You can see the video in full below:

So, how’s their life in Florida?

Gabriel and Jess have been living in Florida for about 8 months now. Feeling the Vibe reported on their initial announcement of moving to the Sunshine State over the summer, and they were excited. They still seem to be loving their new home, and their new environment. Gabe celebrated his 26th birthday in October; Jess posted their Disney World visit in January. They babysat their nephew, and said it was “a super successful” time.

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Fans were equally as enthralled by watching the couple with a little one as they were with the dating expert reaction. One fan wrote: “you can already tell jess and gabe are gonna be such good parents.” Another chimed in with: “Imagine jess and gabe being parents. So cute. I couldn’t stop thinking about this when they were babysitting.”

While kids aren’t something in the near future, the couple are still blissfully in love and their relationship is just as strong as it was the first day they met. So, who knows, maybe one day they’ll have their own little boy or girl running around.

For now, keep up with their day-to-day on Instagram: @jess, and @gabrielconte.


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