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Did You Know Jared from ‘Siesta Key’ Has an Ex-Wife Named Jessica?

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Jared Kelderman with ex wife Jessica Rodriguez

We were introduced to Jared last season on MTV’s reality show Siesta Key.

He was the army guy that came back into town after years away. We saw him attempt to reconnect with his old friend, Madisson and rekindle a flame. However, that didn’t work out as she was dating Brandon and then Ben at the time.

Fast forward to season 3 when Jared and Kelsey seemed to hit it off. They even went on an adventurous first date riding dirt bikes and shared a sweet kiss. The spark fizzled between the two when Kelsey started flirting with the Rebella co-owner Jake Petersen.

That is all we’ve really seen about Jared’s love life, up until now. On the newest upcoming episode (2/18) of Siesta Key we learn about a special lady in Jared’s life – his ex wife. Yes, Jared was married once to a girl named Jessica Rodriguez.

Jared from Siesta Key with ex wife Jessica
Jared Kelderman from Siesta Key with ex-wife Jessica | IG/JaredKelderman

It wasn’t revealed why the two ultimately split but they do remain friends. At the birthday party that one time frenemy, Alex threw for Jared, Jared on edge waiting for a call. From who? Jessica.

Even though they are divorced, his birthday is one of those days where he waits to hear from his ex. Will she call? Find out on ‘Siesta Key’ Tuesday February 18th at 8pm EST on MTV.


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