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‘In the Dark’ Season 4 — See Trailer + More Details Inside

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In The Dark season 4 will premiere on Monday, June 6, 2022 at 8pm on the CW. Ahead of the premiere, the network recently released the official trailer for the new season. In it, Murphy Mason (Perry Mattfeld) encounters problems behind bars while her friends try to come up with her bail. One of those concerned friends is ex-boyfriend Max Parrish (Casey Deidrick), who’s worried for Murphy’s safety. Check out the full trailer below, as well as what else to expect from season 4 of the show.

In the Dark Season 4 Trailer

The season 4 trailer offers a look at what’s to come on In the Dark. Fans will see Murphy in prison for fleeing the country after being charged with murder. She pleads not guilty, but she can’t get out of jail until she gets her bail – which is a whopping $2 million! Murphy’s friends will have to band together to get the money – and we don’t mean borrow, we mean steal! In the trailer, they’re seen breaking into a stranger’s mansion.

But, they could already be too late as Murphy’s made some enemies on the inside. There are a couple inmates that are after her, and fights break out while she’s in prison. Although, she may have a new ally that could offer her some protection. It could come at a cost, however. Murphy may have to deal drugs in order to gain the trust of this jailhouse friend, which could end badly for her. Watch the full trailer below:

Any other details?

Casey Deidrick posted a selfie with the beloved Pretzel, In the Dark‘s golden retriever. “Hi, we’re just wondering if you’re interested in your cars extended warranty,” he joked in the caption. It’s good to know we’ll be seeing plenty of Pretzel onscreen in season 4 too!

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As Feeling the Vibe reported back in November, the main cast aside from Perry and Casey includes Morgan Krantz, Brooke Markham, Theodore Bhat, Keston John and Matt Murray. They are all just as excited for the premiere as fans are. Perry posted a photo on Instagram writing: “Waiting for Season 4 to drop like…”

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She even shared a behind the scenes photo where apparently in their timeline, it’s spring. They look to be on location at a ranch where horses are. Last week they were wrapping up filming for season 4, according to Perry’s post. “Last couple days of shooting Season 4 of @cwinthedark…Can’t say much, but somewhere in our story, it’s finally spring 💚,” she wrote.

If she’s posting this photo, that may mean her character Murphy does get to see the outside world again after all. Of course, knowing all the twists they’ve encountered in season 3, it can’t be that easy. There’s always drama following Murphy, Max and their friends. They were already wanted by authorities and by a dangerous drug kingpin, but being separated from her friends is a whole new ballgame for Murphy. But, if anyone can make it, it’s her.

Season 4 of In the Dark will premiere on June 6 at 8 PM on the CW. In the meantime, you can stream seasons 1-3 of In the Dark on Netflix so you’re all caught up in time for season 4. Be sure you’re following the show on Twitter and Instagram for the latest information.


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