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Get to Know the Cast of “Dance Moms” Season 8

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"Dance Moms: Resurrection" cast

With the season 8 premiere of Dance Moms just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get to know the star studded cast!

The cast of Dance Moms season 8 includes: Brady and Tricia Farrar, GiaNina and Joanne Paolantonio, Hannah and Ann Colin, Kamryn and Adriana Smith, Lilliana and Stacey Ketchman, Sarah and Michelle Georgiana, and lastly Pressley and Ashley Hosbach. Abby Lee Miller is set to coach the new set of girls, and choreographer Gianna Martello is back as well. Get all the details about the Dance Moms: Resurrection dancers and moms below!

Who are the dancers and moms on Dance Moms: Resurrection?

Brady & Tricia

Brady loves ballet and contemporary dance, and has already been hailed as the “next Maddie [Ziegler]” on social media, as he seems to be Abby’s favorite. He’s been dancing for 9 years, and his favorite move is the ‘Firebird.’ His mom, Tricia is very supportive, even letting her son teach her a penché.

Brady and his mom, Tricia from Dance Moms season 8
Brady Farrar and his mom, Tricia. Image Credit: IG @DanceMom_Tricia.

GiaNina and Joanne

GiaNina is a spitfire who is a young professional, having 12 years of dance under her belt already. Her favorite routine from the new season is her dance that was dedicated to her grandmother. Her mom, Joanne is just as high energy as her daughter, and is ready to showcase GiaNina’s talent!

GiaNina Paolantonio with her mom, Joanne
GiaNina Paolantonio with her mom, Joanne. Image Credit: IG @GiaNinasJourney.

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Hannah and Ann

Hannah’s favorite style of dance is lyrical and her favorite move is (an) aerial. She’s been dancing for 12 years and she’s super psyched to be a part of the team. Hannah’s mom, Ann is pretty talented herself, showing off her tap moves with her daughter in an Instagram video. Check it out below!

Kamryn and Adriana

Kamryn loves jazz and one of her role models is Misty Copeland. She’s also been compared to Dance Moms alum Nia Sioux. Kamryn’s mom, Adriana loves to rock out just as much as her daughter. They’re both super excited for the new season!

Kamryn Smith and her mom, Adriana
Kamryn Smith and her mom, Adriana. Image Credit: IG @KeepingUpWithKammySophia.

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Lilliana and Stacey

Now Lilliana (or Lilly, as she’s sometimes called), is the only returning member of Dance Moms – she previously worked with Abby in competitions, so she’s feeling a little bit more pressure to make this a killer year. She’s no quitter, so don’t expect her to be putting away her dance shoes anytime soon! Lilliana’s mother, Stacey is just as experienced, having gymnast skills, even though she actually works as a therapist!

Lilly Ketchman and her mom, Stacey
Lilliana Ketchman and her mom, Stacey. Image Credit: IG @LillyKOfficial.

Sarah and Michelle

Pittsburgh native Sarah Georgiana is ready to step into the spotlight and prove to Abby that she deserves her place on the elite team. Sarah’s been hailed as the new “Chloe [Lukasiak]” – they even look alike in some ways! Her favorite move is a full back split, and her mom, Michelle (a former dancer) is skilled at ballet!

Sarah Georgiana with her mom, Michelle
Sarah Georgiana with her mom, Michelle. Image Credit: IG @Sarah_Georgiana.

Pressley and Ashley

Pressley has been dancing for 10 years and has been dubbed the next “Kendall [Vertes].” The pint sized blonde has already made a major impression on Abby, and she’s ready to stake her claim in the competition. Her mom, Ashley is a dance studio owner, so you know she’s got the knowledge to help her daughter succeed!

Pressley and her mother, Ashley Hosbach
Pressley and her mother, Ashley Hosbach. Image Credit: IG @DanceMom_Ashley.

You can catch Abby, Gianna, Brady and Tricia, GiaNina and Joanne, Hannah and Ann, Kamryn and Adriana, Lilliana and Stacey, Sarah and Michelle, as well as Pressley and Ashley when Dance Moms: Resurrection premieres on Lifetime Tuesday, June 4!


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