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Everything We Know About Sister Act 3

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Whoopi Goldberg

Calling all Sister Act fans: the famous duo of movies starring Whoopi Goldberg might be getting a third! After the wildly successful 1992 film Sister Act, and the 1993 sequel Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, fans have been wanting another movie to make a trilogy. See what Whoopi had to say about the possibility, and get more details on what that could mean below.

What did Whoopi Goldberg say?

Whoopi Goldberg told James Cordon of The Late Late Show with James Cordon that she’s been “diligently” working on trying to “get the gang back together” for a Sister Act 3.

When asked why it hadn’t happened already, Whoopi said that “for a long time, they kept saying no one would want to see it.” So, have people changed their tunes since then? It appears so! She added: “But, it turns out that may not be true.”

So, with Whoopi Goldberg behind the idea, who says it can’t happen? If you recall, Whoopi portrayed the main character of Deloris, a singer who has to go into the nunnery for witness protection. She assumes the identity of Sister Mary Clarence after turning on a group of gangsters, one of which happened to be her boyfriend.

The first film shows how Deloris (as Mary Clarence) gets the rest of her fellow – for lack of a better term – sisters to break out of their shells in the church choir. The sequel follows up with Sister Mary Clarence as she teaches music at a Catholic school. It begs the question: what would a third film look like?

What could Sister Act 3 look like?

Back in 2018, there were talks of Sister Act 3 getting written by Regina Hicks and Karen Gist for Disney+, but there weren’t any new developments on that angle.

When Whoopi Goldberg told James Cordon that she’d want to get “the whole gang” back together, fans assume that means getting the original cast back for the third film. While a couple of cast members are no longer with us (Mary Wickes, who played Sister Mary Lazarus, for example), there’s a good majority that we could see.

Harvey Keitel, Maggie Smith, and Kathy Najimy are always possibilities, assuming they’d be keen to jump onboard. They portrayed Vince LaRocca, Reverend Mother, and Sister Mary Patrick, respectively.

If you’d want to pull from Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, you could consider Jennifer Love Hewitt who played Margaret, or perhaps Lauryn Hill, who played Rita Louise Watson.

Since Whoopi didn’t say for sure if she would reprise her role as Sister Mary Clarence in a third film, perhaps she could produce or direct. That could bring a bit of nostalgia, as well as allow for fresher faces to join the cast, especially if the project does gain traction at Disney+.

It wouldn’t be the first time a “reboot” or remake of a classic included new cast members: NBC’s Peacock streaming service is doing it with Saved by the Bell, as well as Punky Brewster.

In the meantime, see Whoopi’s full interview below:

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