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Demi Lovato Speaks Out on Selena Gomez & The Jonas Brothers: Why They’re “No Longer Friends”

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Demi Lovato just dropped a bombshell that will sadden fans of her relationship with Selena Gomez and The Jonas Brothers. The singer revealed that she’s no longer friends with either Gomez or the Jonas Brothers. Keep reading below for the reason(s) why, and what else she had to say on her Disney days.

Why is Demi No longer friends with Selena or The Jonas Brothers?

Selena posted this photo of her and Demi back in 2013. Image Credit: IG @SelenaGomez.

According to US Weekly, Demi opened up to Harper’s Bazaar about her falling out with Selena, saying: “When you grow up with somebody, you’re always going to have love for them. But I’m not friends with her.”

As for Joe, Kevin, and Nick Jonas? When asked by the magazine if she was talking to any of the three brothers, Demi shook her head “no.” If you remember, she dated Joe Jonas way back when in 2010 for a brief period. Demi did not elaborate further on why she fell out of touch with The Jonas Brothers though.

One sign of Selena and Demi’s fallout pointed to Demi’s words – or rather lack thereof – regarding Selena’s IG story tribute to her Grammy performance in February. Demi began to say that “the post felt”…and then she stopped; which could point to a sign of discomfort about the public praise. It makes some sense though, as Demi’s technically been out of the major spotlight for 2 years.

Any other details?

There is one person Demi did make sure to mention she still keeps in contact with from her Disney Channel days: Miley Cyrus. She told the magazine that she always has, and always will love Miley. Demi even went on Miley’s Instagram Live podcast Bright Minded last month, and the two really reconnected.

Miley echoed Demi’s sentiments surrounding their friendship on the podcast, saying that: “[I] just know you’re the person I want to reach out to.” We’re happy the two former child stars keep in touch and are still great friends.


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