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Barbara Palvin Reveals Her Personal Diet and Workout Routine as a Victoria’s Secret Angel

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Barbara Palvin goes the extra mile for her latest job as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She recently shared all her personal eating and exercising preferences with Us Weekly. Palvin shared that she started making changes in her lifestyle before she became an Angel. The model said that one of the gyms she enjoys working out in is Dogpound in New York City.

Barbara Palvin, Dogpound,
Barbara Palvin poses in front of NYC Dogpound gym. Photo: realbarbarapalvin/Instagram

Although she’s “too shy” for group fitness classes, she has worked out with fellow Angel and friend, Alexina Graham. The two have motivated each other through intense fitness sessions together. Graham became an Angel three years ago.

Palvin mentioned a specific exercise she does for her glutes! She shared that doing reverse lunges on both legs has lifted her butt. Can’t get any better than a tip from a ‘Victoria’s Secret’ angel!

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What is Barbara’s Diet Like?

When it comes to her eating habits, Palvin chooses the 80/20 diet. “Eighty percent of the week I do chicken with vegetables, fish, or granola in the morning or oatmeal and then I’ll do 20 percent of cheating,” the model shared. She enjoys having a burger or drink with her friends when she can.

Barbara Palvin
Barbara Palvin having a drink with her friends in Hungary. Photo: realbarbarapalvin/Instagram

Palvin is currently living in NYC with her boyfriend, actor Dylan Sprouse. She shared that she often cooks for the both of them, but he cooks when he assumes she’s stressed. Aww, so sweet!


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