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Jess Conte Shares Instagram Secrets in All-New Video – Details Inside!

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Lights, camera, action: Jess Conte has spilled all her picture-perfect secrets in her latest YouTube video! The Australian-turned-American influencer gave a detailed how-to for her Instagram, including her favorite filters, the best apps, and more. Keep reading below to snag her tips for yourself!


Jess uses Lightroom and VSCO all the time for her photos. On Lightroom, she buys specific presets and then tweaks them ever-so-slightly to fit her current theme.

The one that she just finished using was ‘Salt in Our Hair – Peach Perfect’ edition, which gave her photos a very warm touch. On VSCO, she always uses A6, A4, F2, HB1 and 2, S2, and M5. On the actual Instagram app, she likes to use the ‘Aden’ filter. For Afterlight, she uses the ‘Dust’ tool to add a cool effect.


Jess likes to edit her Instagram stories in VSCO before posting them to the app. For her videos that she posts, she uses the ‘Disco’ tool on the VSCO app. Sometimes her stories (and ‘gram) have a collage effect – that is done by using the Unfold app. It gives you an old-school film effect that she loves. If you want one that’s more free (aka: you don’t have to buy all the packages), Jess suggests trying Story Luxe, which gives you a polaroid, taped photo, or film collage effect that is very similar to the Unfold app.

And the last one she loves is called Dazz, which gives you a choice of different cameras to take a picture with. How cool is that?!

Jess also has a trick for getting those images on your Instagram highlights: Pinterest! Simply search for ‘Instagram highlight covers’, and download the ones you want. Easy, right?

Check out the full video below where Jess shares all her tips and tricks!

Be sure to follow Jess on Instagram to see all the amazing photos and videos she posts – plus you can see the results of all her editing! Her Instagram handle is @jess.