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The 5 Best Pieces in Jess Conte’s Closet and Where to Get Them

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Jess Conte who is a very well known YouTuber has the beauty to match her wardrobe.  We carefully reviewed her outfits courtesy of the popular Instagram account, Jess Conte Closet and chose our favorites.  These pieces are sure to make your summer closet go from great to awesome, with pieces that can be transitioned from day to night and from season to season.

Let’s jump into it!

A Jumpsuit to Go

Jess Conte is the queen of jumpsuits and this beautiful stripped yellow, black, and white one from Windsor is the perfect example of that.  This jumpsuit can be dressed up or dressed down, either way its very easy to put on and quickly run out the door.  The color worn by Jess is currently sold out but they have a blue available.

Sweater Weather

This dress from Princess Polly is perfect for those late night or early morning activities during the summer.  This dress is perfect for any body type and is perfect for dressing up or down.

Khaki Cute

This green dress (currently sold out) from Hello Molly is very casual yet will give you that polished look.  This dress is perfect for casual days and can be thrown on quickly with a pair of sneakers or espadrilles and then you can dart out the door.

Staple Pant

Pants have become a very big trend and this pair from Princess Polly could be your staple statement pant.  These pants can be worn with a variety of tops plus can be carried into all seasons.  You can sport the look Jess is wearing or you can pair your Princess Polly pants with a sweater, crop top, or sweatshirt.

Slit Skirt

Long skirts have been in season but this beautiful red flowing one from Maura Boutique is perfect for summer and can go into fall.  This skirt can be worn many different ways, plus we just love the name of the skirt, “Feel the Vibes.”  You can wear it with a bodysuit, sweater, or even a bathing suit.

Now that you just did a little shopping in Jess Conte’s closet, then you are sure to have a closet full of perfect pieces to make a bold statement this summer!