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Hunter March Talks Favorite Things, Working on E!, & More in Exclusive Interview

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Hunter March, E! Nightly Pop

Hailing from a lineage of talented relatives such as Mel Torme (American Musician) and Hal March (American comedian), Hunter March is a force to be reckoned with as he brings his innate talents to the stage. From his early days joining AwesomenessTV as an intern in 2012 to his hosting gigs on the Game Show Network and Netflix, Hunter is continuing to grow his talents as the co-host of E!’s Nightly Pop.

The multi-talented TV host talked exclusively to Feeling the Vibe where he shares his formula for success to breaking into the industry, how he slides into DMs, how he keeps in shape, and why he likes our spunk. 🙂 Get to know Hunter March who we’re certain you will be hearing a lot more from!

This or That

Salty or Sweet? Salty

Twitter or Instagram? Instagram

Early Bird or Night Owl? Early Bird

Coffee or Tea? Coffee

Read the Book or See the Movie? Read the book

Talk or Text? Talk


Celebrity You’ve Interviewed?

Have you guys ever heard of a singer named Rihanna? I interviewed her and I think she’s going to be big.

Thing About Working on Nightly Pop?

Hunter March for E! Nightly Pop
NIGHTLY POP — Episode 191107 — Pictured: (l-r) Nightly Pop Co-Hosts Morgan Stewart, Hunter March, and Nina Parker pose on set — (Photo by: Aaron Poole/E! Entertainment)

Morgan and Nina constantly fighting over me behind the scenes of the show, they will deny this, but they’re in love and it’s often overwhelming.


?‍♂️ (I slide into DM’s with this and it rarely works)

Show to Binge Watch at the Moment?

Afterlife and Avatar: The Last Airbender…Any show that starts with the letter “A.”


You started your career at AwesomenessTV as an intern around the company’s inception. What lessons did you learn during that time?

AwesomenessTV was my first real job and it taught me so much including: Work hard, get there early and leave late and make sure the boss sees, take chances, know what you want and go for it, be smarter than the people you’re trying to defeat, if you’re not, get smarter, and during all of this, be patient and grateful for each opportunity.

What made you want to get in to the television industry? Was there anyone or anything that inspired you?

Ever since I learned how to talk, I’ve wanted to make people laugh. Also, not having a lot of friends in high school made me want to be more famous and successful than all of them. It may not be the most altruistic answer, but the combo of those two reasons gave me the path and the drive to accomplish all of my misguided goals.

Did you plan to go into the hosting side of TV? If not, what was your original plan? If hosting was the end goal, what drew you to it?

Hunter March from E!
Image Credit: IG @HunterMarch.

My grandfather was a successful and famous host in the 60’s, and although I never met him, I’d like to think that this profession is in the blood. I did have the choice at one point to host or act or do both. It wasn’t an obvious decision for me at the time but I realized that I wanted to be funny with my own words, I wanted more screen time, and I couldn’t fake cry, so I chose hosting. Hosting makes me real cry sometimes.

You’ve got a great onscreen presence. Have you always been the “life of the party” or the entertainer-type of person?

I’d like to think I would’ve been the life of the party, but I wasn’t invited to many parties. When all you want to do is be funny, you really have to BE funny, but it took me years of alienating myself with bad performances for disinterested and often annoyed audiences to learn those skills. Those skills (which I notice and practice every day) include listening and waiting for the right moment to perform, setting other people up to be the funny one (which is as important as being the star yourself), and knowing when to take off the clown nose and be genuine with people. I’m still learning.

Nightly Pop is going strong.  For those that don’t know the show, what can viewers expect when they tune in?

With Nightly Pop, I don’t think anyone knows what to expect each episode, not even the hosts. It gets weird, it gets emotional, it gets inappropriate, but it’s always entertaining for our viewers and a lot of fun for the hosts. Just know that you’re gonna get celebrity news and, as I told you earlier, you’ll feel a palpable attraction from Morgan and Nina towards me.

Social media has become quite the platform for many celebrities lately. Do you enjoy using it to interact with Nightly Pop viewers? If so, tell us a little about that. Or, do you see it as a medium with pros and cons?

I love being able to communicate with people who like the content and to be able to provide some much needed laughter right now, but I wish I didn’t care about the numbers attached to each of those endeavors. If I didn’t have to have social media as a part of my career, I would not. No Twitter, no Instagram, no smart phone in general. For me, and for a lot of people who have to cultivate followings for a living, it becomes a strange addiction and I’m hyper aware of the moments when I’m in a melancholy funk because of the gram…sorry, that got deep for a second.

How do you keep yourself in shape and what is your workout routine like?

I was born as a skinny man so for me it’s about putting on and maintaining any muscle that I can. Without regular weight lifting and over eating, I quickly begin to look like my 8th grade self and that version of me was at risk of being taken away forever with the slightest breeze.

Can you take us through a typical day on set from start to finish at Nightly Pop?

Bouncing around with these questions, keeping me on my toes, I see you I like your spunk. Nightly Pop is different in quarantine but it usually starts the night before with research. For me that research consists of reading the stories and trying to find comedic angles for each. Then we have a morning meeting to go over any topic changes and plan the entire episode.

After that is hair and makeup where I always ask them to turn me into a beautiful angel with lashes, nails, and blush like Morgan and Nina, but instead they just put powder on my face and pomade in my hair. Then I sit next to the stunning Morgan and Nina with my weak lashes, and short nails, and I just think of what it would be like to be as beautiful as them. What it would be like to turn heads in every hallway, give people whiplash with how fast they would gaze. Oh, to be beautiful. Oh, to be wanted…and then we shoot the show and I go home.

Lastly, what’s one thing your fans might not know about you that you wouldn’t mind sharing?

I have a hard time being emotionally vulnerable with my partners.

Thank you so much to Hunter for taking the time to chat with us! You can follow him on his Instagram and Twitter – both are @HunterMarch. You can also catch him co-hosting Nightly Pop, which airs Mondays at 10pm and Thursdays at 11pm, only on E!


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