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Jess & Gabriel Conte Pack for Australia Trip to Have Baby – See What They Bought Inside!

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Jess and Gabriel Conte have had a whirlwind 2022 so far. The couple revealed they were going to be parents in February, and announced the gender of their baby a month later. Now, they are starting their next chapter in Australia. Jess and Gabriel decided to leave their Nashville home and shared a video of their packing efforts. The duo will spend time there during Jess’ last trimester, and a couple months after their baby girl is born. Get even more details as to what they bought for their trip, and what else they shared in the video below.

A Day in the Life with Jess and Gabriel Conte

To start their day, they first had to get caffeine courtesy of Starbucks. Gabriel joked about how “Mommy and Daddy are hitting the town.” Jess showed off her “Mama” necklace from 153Jewelry. Another piece of jewelry she got? A new wedding ring off of Amazon since her actual ring was a bit small when her hands are swollen from pregnancy. You can actually buy it here if you’d like.

She also revealed that when she was little, she thought her mother lived in black and white, as in like black and white movies, before there was color. Her husband’s response? “That’s such a Jess thing!”

The things they bought at Target and Best Buy are as follows:

Jess then discussed how far they’ve come on the nursery. They have a cozy chair, soft toys and books, a Nestig bassinet that converts into the full crib/toddler bed, plus some paintings from Etsy and a couple polaroids of her and Gabriel setting up the nursery on a canvas board. The baby’s dresser has diapers, sheets, wipes, and swaddles in their Nashville home. The next day, Jess and Gabriel flew out to Los Angeles, before making their way to Australia.

She ended the video saying: “I was really emotional leaving the house. I think it all hit me at once…I was sad leaving Milo, and broke down when I said ‘I’m gonna bring you home a baby!’ I can’t believe this next chapter that’s about to start and how close we are to becoming parents to our own little best friend.”

Watch the full video below:

You can follow Jess and Gabriel Conte on Instagram to see more of their Australian adventures. Congratulations to the soon-to-be parents!


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